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a Buddhist who has attained nirvana


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44) It should be noted that their remarks here about Buddhist free agents would only apply to those Buddhists who are fully enlightened: Arhats and Buddhas.
First, the title Fo wubai dizi zishuo benqi jing actually means "the sutra on the Buddha's five hundred disciples telling of their own previous lives," although this text comprises verses recited by only thirty Arhats, namely the Buddha and twenty-nine of his disciples.
Keown concludes that the Buddha's response is not a condoning of 4suicide as such; it is merely an exoneration of Channa's act specifically, an apparently exceptionalist excusing of it because, as he suggests, Channa was, in fact, an arhat.
Buddhas, bodhisattvas, arhats, and other divine beings change into forms both understandable and suitable to the person experiencing the manifestation.
18) It seems that King's and Spiro's misinterpretations of the Arhat might be more applicable to Schopenhauer's ascetic saint.
Among the works on display is a 100-metre long painting with the working title Arhat, which took 200 painters eight months to complete.
The Commentary on the Doctrinal Verses (Dhammapada-atthakathd) contains a story describing an inadvertent thought by a young brahman man named Soreyya, who one day was riding in a carriage with some friends and saw the great arhat Mahakatyayana standing at the city gate and putting on his upper robe before going on his alms round.
Evolutionary biologist Arhat Abzhanov developed the chickens with snouts by cutting a square hole in the shell of a chicken egg and dropping in a small gelatinous protein bead before watching the embryo develop.
He expressed these views while inspecting schools damaged by bomb blast at Arhat Baba, Sherikaira here on Tuesday.
Abax Nai Xin"), Abax Global Opportunities Fund ("Global Fund"), Abax Upland Fund LLC ("Upland"), Abax Arhat Fund ("Arhat"), Abax Claremont Ltd.
Nor are stupas objects of relic worship as if a Buddha or arhat bone was intrinsically worthy of veneration.
The Bruins are auditioning Saddleback JC transfer Josh Arhat.
The second argument against a purported reticence on behalf of Mo Yan to disturb his readers with too gruesome a scene (an attitude that would have robbed us of the skinning of Uncle Arhat in Red Sorghum, for example, or a scene in The Republic of Wine in which an unfortunate donkey has its hooves cut off for an upcoming feast) has to do with focus: while cannibalism requires both a victim and a victimizer, descriptions of the act of devouring would naturally evoke sympathy for the former and create an inescapable, perhaps subconscious, linkage with the reader himself, thus diminishing the opprobrium directed at the latter.
Participants in some Theravada Buddhist traditions are or should be aimed by that tradition at the cessation of the round of birth, life, and death by the arhat who has achieved Nirvana.
The sutra possibly draws its inspiration from descriptions of the arhat and the true brahmin as "having laid down the burden" (ohitabhara, pannabhara), a metaphor that seems to have been of a fairly widespread use in early "canonical" literature.