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Synonyms for argument

Synonyms for argument

a course of reasoning


a fact or circumstance that gives logical support to an assertion, claim, or proposal

what a speech, piece of writing, or artistic work is about

Synonyms for argument

a fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true

a discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal

a summary of the subject or plot of a literary work or play or movie

Related Words

(computer science) a reference or value that is passed to a function, procedure, subroutine, command, or program

a variable in a logical or mathematical expression whose value determines the dependent variable

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com, and then Segway, explore the merits of Kamen's arguments.
Excel will open the Function Arguments dialog for the VLOOKUP function.
Elamparo added Comelec as well as herself and the other petitioners including former Senator Francisco Kit Tatad, former UE Law Dean Amado Valdez and Law Professor Antonio Contreras have yet to present their arguments.
Johnson and her colleagues (including Cionea) have demonstrated that her distinction between public and personal issue arguments can also apply to multiple serial argument elements(e.
In the California court's words, then, the benefits of issuing tentative opinions prior to oral argument are improved quality and relevance of oral argument, oral argument that is more useful in assisting the court to reach a decision, reduced time spent on oral argument, more focused oral arguments, reduced numbers of oral arguments, increased quality and efficiency of the court, and savings to taxpayers.
He is explicit in asserting, "I don't believe in God, and I don't believe in nonphysical souls," so such arguments are ruled out, although he is hopeful that even those more spiritually oriented will agree with his ultimate arguments.
One clever thing to do here, that shows you've done the work, is to address the arguments against your position before they arise.
In fact, we reject arguments that instantiate invalid forms because we know the form in question will not guarantee a good argument (if arguments are presented as persuasive in virtue of their form and the truth of their premises).
In his first chapter, which constitutes Part 1, Nagasawa introduces the arguments he will examine, making a case for regarding them as knowledge arguments.
It is interesting to me how similar their arguments are at times.
Supreme court junkies, rejoice: The Illinois Supreme Court has announced that, starting with the January 2008 term, video and audio recordings of oral arguments before the court will be posted and archived on its Web site.
The pamphlet is setting a record for the number of arguments on a single measure - in this case, Measure 49, which revises the 2004 property-rights initiative, Measure 37.
Of course, the likelihood that a case is close increases at each appellate level, as parties should be less inclined over time to pursue arguments that have little chance of success, and controlling precedent is less likely to exist as the case survives various levels of appellate review.
They then add secondary negative arguments that these parts could not have come together via known natural processes.
By teaching students the basic process of identifying a position to which they are responding and the ways in which their own views correspond or differ, Graff found that the focus and clarity of his students' arguments improved dramatically.
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