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Therapeutic bronchoscopy with immediate effect: Laser, electrocautery, argon plasma coagulation and stents.
Other hemostatic methods encountered were represented by bipolar coagulation +hemoclipping and argon plasma coagulation (APC).
Treatment options include dilation of the stenotic airway with a balloon or debulking with a bronchoscope, laser therapy, argon plasma coagulation, electrocautery, cryotherapy, and insertion of silicone or self-expandable metallic stents (SEMS) [8].
Farin G and Grund K E Technology of argon plasma coagulation with particular regard to endoscopic applications.
The endoscopic and histologic ablation rates for patients who underwent multipolar electrocoagulation were 88% and 81%, respectively; the endoscopic and histologic ablation rates for patients who underwent argon plasma coagulation were 81% and 67%, respectively.
Last published as Manual of gastroenterologic procedures in 1993, the fourth edition adds chapters on endoscopic ultrasound, fine needle aspiration biopsy, Stretta, Enteryx injection, and argon plasma coagulation.