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an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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All of the diode wavelengths are highly absorbed by pigmented tissue and are deeply penetrating, although hemostasis is not as rapid as with the argon laser.
Based on earlier findings on the fluorescence of organic components of human teeth and the difference of this between sound and carious enamel, the subsequent use of an argon laser employed blue-green light in the 488nm wavelength [Bjelkhagen et al.
An argon laser has also been acquired and placed at the Cape Town Technikon where panretinal and focal laser will be performed.
As the number and type of fluorochromes increased, a second laser, usually helium-neon, was added to the standard argon laser on flow systems to achieve the required excitation wavelengths and desired separation of emitted excitation signals.
Fingerprints, fibres and body fluids that were completely invisible in room light, fluoresced brightly under the blue-green illumination of the argon laser.
A filter centered at 633 nm is placed in front of the detector to remove all the transmitted or scattered light coming from the argon laser.
It uses concentrated light beams (helium-neon, argon laser or both) to scan the product.
Churnside is examining the optical properties of various species, using an argon laser that fires a beam of blue or green light at the fish and records the reflectivity as well as the magnitude and polarization of the light.
1 / Platform with at least 2 laser - blue argon laser, 488 nm with a minimum power of 15 mW, with a life of 5000 hours minimum laser, red, 635 nm;
Combined effects of Argon laser irradiation and fluoride treatment in prevention of caries-like lesion formation in enamel.
Crosslinking of extracellular matrix proteins: A preliminary report on a possible mechanism of argon laser welding.
The bleaching paste is painted on the teeth and a blue-light argon laser is used on each tooth for about 20 seconds, followed by a heat-intensive C[O.
His dam, Lighted Lamp, from a superb Joel family, also produced Pattern winners Lighted Glory and King Luthier plus Group-placed Argon Laser, Star In The North and Irish St Leger runner-up Torus, sire of Mr Mulligan and Bradbury Star.
To obtain such images, the researchers use an argon laser to bounce a quick flash of light off the retina.
Delivery, commissioning and warranty support new streaming flow cytometer with the following characteristics 1 / Platform with at least 2 Laser - Argon Laser Blue, 488 nm with a minimum power of 15 mW, the laser life with minimum 5000 hours, red, 635 nm;2 / Detectors - blue laser: Front (FSC) and side (SSC) scatter, green, yellow / orange and red fluorescent detectors FITC, Alexa Fluor 488, PE, PI, 7-D, PE-Cy5, PerCP, PerCP- Cy5.