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an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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Mechanisms of action and efficacy of argon laser trabeculoplasty and selective laser trabeculoplasty.
As for argon lasers, he noted that it's not as likely for dermatologists to have them on hand, he said.
Some authors noted that post-SLT inflammation of the iris was greater compared to argon laser trabeculoplasty.
These lasers include caries detection lasers Diagnodent (Diode 655nm), argon lasers for composite curing, CO2 lasers with wavelength of 10600nm for soft tissue surgeries, Nd: YAG lasers with wavelength of 1064nm as well as Diode with wavelength of 810-980nm for soft tissue cutting, the Erbium laser family including Er: YAG (2940nm) and Er; Cr: YSGG (2780nm) which are used in hard tissues, cavity preparation and in soft tissue surgery.
Soft tissue management around abutments: Argon laser energy has peak absorption in hemoglobin, thus lending itself to providing excellent hemostasis and efficient coagulation and vaporization of oral tissues.
b) an instrument to remove surplus hair, (c) a penetrable catheter, a digital X Ray instrument & & a digital mammography instrument, (d) a multilayer argon laser instrument & (e) an instrument to remove/ obliterate a scar and similar skin spots.
An alternative light source is the argon laser, which characteristically produces a high energy beam of light with an exactly controlled wavelength that can adjusted for each composite material (RASTELLI et al.
The use of argon laser to cure these materials and selecting specific wavelength are the specifications of this method in comparison with usual radiation systems.
Argon laser trabeculoplasty (ALT) (Figs 5a-e) The mechanism of ALT is such that the treated area of trabecular meshwork may shrink, causing stretching of adjacent areas, which leads to increased outflow facilities.
Other treatments that have been reported include superficial X-ray therapy, radiotherapy, argon laser, CO2 laser, pulsed dye laser and sclerotherapy.
He is a big fan of Kris as he sired Argon Laser, another daughter of Lighted Lamp who is the dam of Dr Massini.
Acute inflammatory periodontal disease and highly vascularized lesions, such as a hemangioma, are ideally suited for treatment by the argon laser.
23% gel for 4 mins) before or after argon laser exposure resulted in a significant reduction in lesion depth when compared with argon laser alone or other methods [Hicks et al.
1] Dentists have a choice of various types of curing lights for the photopolymerization of composites: conventional quartztungsten-halogen (QTH/HAL), light-emitting diode (LED), plasma arc (PAC) or argon laser (LAS) curing lights.