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formerly a large constellation in the southern hemisphere between Canis Major and the Southern Cross

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48: These (the daughters of Proetus), because they had scorned the divinity of Juno, were overcome with madness, such that they believed they had been turned into cows, and left Argos their own country.
16-19) And the two sons of Amphiaraus the lord, Oecleus' son, sought her to wife from Argos very near at hand; yet.
Recent deployments of Argo floats in the South Pacific have plugged data gaps from that area.
If we can get something like this it would be wonderful,'' Argo said of the drain.
Argo Group offers a full line of products and services designed to meet the unique coverage and claims handling needs of businesses in four primary segments: Excess & Surplus Lines, Commercial Specialty, International Specialty and Syndicate 1200.
To inspire others to join in support of this landmark Chicago fundraiser, Argo Tea will give free tea to the first 312 (Chicago's area code) people who tweet to @argotea using the #argoteaplunge hashtag with a positive message about the Chicago community or Special Olympics Chicago.
Argo Real Estate, one of New York City's longest-standing independent real estate companies, has set the standard for hands-on, consumer-focused, ethical service.
The rating affirmations reflect Argo Re s solid overall capitalization, management s product expertise in niche focus areas, historically strong operating performance and favorable reserve development.
Argo floats can be dropped into the ocean from research vessels, commercial ships, or even low-flying aircraft.
I really enjoy doing this,'' said Argo, who has lived in her Lancaster home for seven years.
The establishment of Harambee Re continues Argo Group's utilization of a variety of mechanisms to efficiently capitalize on market opportunities and builds upon the company's previous insurance-linked securities transactions, Loma Reinsurance 2011-1 and Loma Reinsurance 2011-2.
Earlier he served as the senior vice president and chief underwriting officer for Argo Surety.
Industry leading software since 1995, Argo Systems has expanded the Medea product suite to meet the unique needs of the global television business and is pleased to have clients in North America, Europe and Latin America working with Medea.
In fact, what sets Argo apart from many management firms is its ability as a mid-size company to offer a highly efficient, systemized approach to everything from budgeting and central purchasing to emergency procedures.
While patrolling an area of immense underwater sand dunes, Argo sent back pictures of a huge riveted metal cylinder that the scientists realized was a Titanic boiler.