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a native or inhabitant of the city of Argos

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He sent no one to woo her in his place, but came himself in his black ship of many thwarts over the Ogylian sea across the dark wave to the home of wise Tyndareus, to see Argive Helen and that no one else should bring back for him the girl whose renown spread all over the holy earth.
As Rahe underlines, Sparta maintained a highly successful strategy "designed to keep their Argives out, the helots down, and the Arcadians .
This necessitated keeping the slaves down and the warlike Argives of the northeastern Peloponnese out, often with the help of allies--the original members of the Peloponnesian League.
Often, these catalogues feature troops and tribes (or both): Virgil enumerates the Italic people as well as the Etruscans, and thus, like Homer, combines geography and ethnography, while Lucan lists Caesar's troops just after the crossing of the Rubicon, and Statius presents his readers with the Argives and their captains in the fourth book of the Thebaid.
He, king of the Myrmidons, had fought on behalf of Agamemnon's Argives for long years, only to find himself a mere tool of lesser men and without due regard for his saving greatness.
Ah, no wonder The men of Troy and Argives under arms have suffered Years of agony all for her, for such a woman.
Not for having murdered the Argives per se, but for killing them after they took sanctuary in the sacred forest of Argus (6.
Among the events that the book narrates are the Argives end their drought, Polyxo incites the Lemnian women, Hypsipyle's pious act, the Nemean serpent, and the death of the baby Opheltes.
784) (30) and becoming enraged attempts to kill Alcidamas, an ally among the Argives, provoking Adrastus to order them to separate before Capaneus insanely bludgeons him to death (6.
2; Wheeler 2007:220), and to Thucydides' mention of a unit of 1000 Argives, trained at the state's expense (Thuc.
Amphiaraus's sudden invasion of the netherworld initially angers Pluto, who vengefully curses the remaining Argives with horrors - fratricide, cannibalism, pollution, and blasphemy (8.
Herodotus on Xerxes supposedly claiming Argives as diplomatic kin since Perses).
The city was founded by the Argives and subsequently passed through Hellenistic, Roman and Christian periods.
59) Kagan believes that the Athenians were committed to helping the Argives, out of the obligation the latter's presence in Sicily entailed.
In both, the chains were attached to a rock, and in both, beasts were the torturers--his from the air, and hers from the sea; their deliverers were Argives of the same family, his Hercules and hers Perseus; the one shooting Zeus's eagle and the other contending with the sea-beast of Poseidon.