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Soldiering on, a monkey on the Argies to beat a German team, still in the huff wi their pals in East Berlin, ended in another shafting in Italy in 1990.
But I'll be mightily surprised if the Argies, yet to get out of second gear, don't win this one.
The Argies are only interested in seizing the Falklands because of their untapped oil reserves and the lucrative fishing industry.
They have laid a curse on the Argies saying the deception means they'll never lift it again.
But if the Argies hit top gear then it could be a mauling.
The Argies are third favourites behind Brazil and Spain but have more gifted individuals than either of the likely finalists.
So this was competitive from the word go - in fact, from when the Argies arrived at the Stade de Geneve.
But try as you might to be cold-hearted about it, to insist that sporting defeats are to be brushed under the carpet, you will not fail to warm to the events of June 30 in St Etienne, when our boys almost beat those nasty Argies.
It so nearly went wrong for them as the Argies matched them try for try, but couldn't capitalise on the rugged, power dominance of their pack.
He said: "After every big game there was a dinner dance in a posh Edinburgh hotel but the Argies stayed in the TV lounge to watch Rugby Special instead.
The Argies were on the end of a 4-0 hiding in Mexico and trouble erupted with the score at 0-0 back at the Bombonera.
Ince, who kept the injury a closely guarded secret and played with the ankle heavily strapped, missed a penalty in the defeat by the Argies
Afew weeks ago, the papers were full of the fact that Diego Maradona and his Argies were playing Scotland at Hampden.
The Argies had won their home leg 3-1 but despite losing the return 2-0 they edged into the final after a penalty shoot-out.
The Argies have an embarrassment of riches up front, with five forwards who'd walk into any team in the world, especially if Kevin Keegan (above) was picking it.