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But I'll be mightily surprised if the Argies, yet to get out of second gear, don't win this one.
The Argies are third favourites behind Brazil and Spain but have more gifted individuals than either of the likely finalists.
They have laid a curse on the Argies saying the deception means they'll never lift it again.
Quotes of 11-8 for the Argies to win in 90 minutes are a joke - there's bound to be some stoppage time.
So this was competitive from the word go - in fact, from when the Argies arrived at the Stade de Geneve.
Afew weeks ago, the papers were full of the fact that Diego Maradona and his Argies were playing Scotland at Hampden.
So the Argies cancelled one set of five-star rooms and had to book another, landing them with a big bill for their troubles.
The Argies had won their home leg 3-1 but despite losing the return 2-0 they edged into the final after a penalty shoot-out.
The Rangers striker missed the first two Group F games through injury but he's set to feature in a game the Argies must win to progress.
They were terrific against the Argies at the weekend and the only northern hemisphere team to beat their southern counterparts.
While PJ draped himself in the English flag, ex-squaddie Sandy wore a Scotland top and prayed for the Argies.