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If you fancy a partner to a dirty great chargrilled steak then look no further than this lovely bit of Argie Bargie.
However, another bunch of legendary Argie stars lifted the Jules Rimet Trophy first back in 1978, when Ossie Ardiles was an inspirational midfielder.
OPTIMIST: Tim Henman believes Andy Murray can cope with Argie pressure
Certified fitness instructor and yoga expert Argie Ligeros Tang presents the Pulse Yoga with Argie Tang series of fitness DVDs, designed to promote health and mental clarity by combining the best of the fitness disciplines Pilates, Core Fusion, and Yoga.
Other features in this issue include Mark Hughes' and Jerri Mabray's story on the munitions makers of McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Nell Drumheller's look at the Army's missile test site at Kwajalein Atoll and Argie Sarantinos-Perrin's examination of the Army's efforts to eliminate its chemical-weapons arsenal.
Despite some Argie bargie on the pitch with six yellow cards, only two people were arrested in the city centre after the game for minor public order offences.
Hay una idea erronea que tiene la gente que piensa que esto es puro relajo, cuando en realidad uno se pasa mucho tiempo fuera de casa, en la carretera, visitando lugares y haciendo shows por largas jornadas", dijo Argie en una exquisita conversacion con SEMANA.
Camera (color), Eric Cadrieu; editor, Philippe Doria Machado; music, Joey Starr, DJ Spank; production designer, Manu Booz; art director, Berenice Rubel; costume designer, Argie Alvarez, Sebastien.
Espanola and a non-uniformed personnel were on a patrol car in Barangay Amas here when the explosion took place, according to Arakan police chief Argie Celeste.
Monaco want the little Argie and the wheels have already been set in motion for a potential move.
The document outlines the terms of the volatile full-back's PS295,000 move to St Andrew's from top Argie side River Plate in 1978.
One only has to quote examples such as Argie spoiled brat and fairweather Manchester City ball-hoofer Carlos Tevez to make a case.
For further details, call Argie Ward on 07780 986806 or Francis Ward on 07790 265882.
a Jordan has chosen a new design which will remind her of her hunky Argie man.
The arrogant Argie probably thought Colo Colo would fall apart without him but they eased to a 6-1 victory.