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All of the Argentine Colt and Ballester-Molina-style autos are interesting and certainly worth hanging on to.
HE RECAPTURE OF THE FALKLAND ISLANDS from an Argentine invading force in 1982 was against all military logic: army doctrine declares that the attacking force should outnumber the occupying force by three to one, whereas the 6,000-strong British force was half the size of its dug-in opponents; it was also 8,000 miles from re-supply and reinforcements, with the dot of Ascension Island, 3,200 miles away in mid-Atlantic, its nearest friendly land.
It sought to mirror the rich variety of Argentine culture, the contrasts between the urban tango and the older dance traditions of a people conquered centuries earlier, the cultural shock of a rural immigrant upon arriving in the big city.
A total of 250 Argentines are killed, 1,400 captured and 17 British die.
Young Argentines are passionate about politics, and students often organize demonstrations to show their opposition to an issue.
According to Armony, the Argentines taught methods of repression to their Central American students.
But once endemicity was established, Argentines ceased to look for a comprehensive solution to periodic outbreaks.
In that short little war, some outdated Argentine planes went up against American Sidewinder missiles on British Harrier fighters and a whole array of surface-to-air missiles: Sea Slug, Sea Cat, Sea Dart, Sea Wolf, Rapier, even the shoulder-fired British Blowpipe and American Stinger.
Argentine hotel conference rooms can cost a fraction of what they do in neighboring countries.
Estancia tourism is allowing foreign visitors, and Argentines who long preferred traditional vacation resorts, to explore parts of the country that are surprisingly untapped.
Newton proposes to build on his earlier assessments of Argentine pluralism, and the role of German Argentines (including German-Jewish Argentines) within a larger Argentine polity.
The spillover of Argentina's banking crisis to two of Uruguay's largest private banks has also affected confidence in the banking system, which may experience further strain as Argentines, facing a deposit freeze at home, withdraw deposits built up in Uruguay last year.
Argentines 11 manufacturers, however, won't easily sacrifice the $6 billion they invested in the previous decade to build new plants and parts factories, revamp older ones, and train workers.
Shockingly too, 70% of Argentines say they expect to see Menem return to the Casa Rosada.
While Argentines are buying back into their economy, as sick as it is, most foreign equity investors won't touch the country with 10-foot pole.