Argemone mexicana

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annual herb with prickly stems and large yellow flowers

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While the yield percentage of Argemone mexicana in chloroform, methanol and water extract was 3.
Figure 4 shows the activity of chloroform extract of Argemone mexicana.
Figure 5 shows the activity of methanolic extract of Argemone mexicana.
In the aqueous extract of Argemone mexicana in Figure 6, the high dose of extract showed 100% mortality at 192 hours, compared with the metronidazole which gave 98.
Previous studies conducted on both Xanthium brasilicum and Argemone mexicana have proven them to have potent activities against protozoa.
With Argemone mexicana we found that both the methanol and chloroform extracts were equally effective against Trichomonas vaginalis compared with metrondizole.
Among the species assayed, Argemone mexicana, Cecropia glazioui, Mangifera indica, Persea americana and Tulbaghia violaceae were selected based on their traditional use as antihypertensive and/or diuretics, whereas a chemosystematic approach was adopted for the others.
Recovery of Gly-Gly (% mean; n = 6) Gly-Gly concentration (mmol/l) Plant extract 15 30 45 Argemone mexicana L.