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a sharp narrow ridge found in rugged mountains

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True epiphanies in waking visions are much rarer: Longus 2,4-6 (a vision of Eros reported by Philetas), 2,25-26 (a series of strange phenomena which are understood as the aretai of Pan); Ach.
Apart from the appearance of Pan and his aretai at Longus 2,25-27, the epiphany of Artemis at Ach.
Four Aitutaki sites [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED] yielded fish-hooks: 151 from Moturakau Rockshelter (MR-1); 5 from Ureia (AIT-10); 6 from Hosea (AIT-50); and 1 from Aretai (AIT-49) (Allen 1992a; Allen & Schubel 1990; Allen & Steadman 1990).
In a meeting they conducted with the Administrator of Anseba region in Aretai semi-urban center, the inhabitants pointed out that villages are showing rapid growth as a result of the on-going developmental activities, and inhabitants of scattered villages have regrouped to become beneficiaries of provided social services.