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tetracycline antibiotic (trade name Minocin) used to treat a variety of bacterial and rickettsial infections


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Drug Available Commercial form Name Tetracycline Non resorbable fibers Actisite [R] Metronidazole Gel Elyzol [R] Doxycycline hyclate Gel Atridox [R] Minocycline Microspheres Arestin [R] Minocycline Ointment Dentamycin [R] Chlorhexidine Resorbable Chip PerioChip [R]
She offers the antibiotic Arestin as an example: It kills bacteria related to periodontal disease, reduces bleeding (from probing), and helps restore gums to health.
19) Arestin administration results in local antibiotic concentrations of 340 [micro]g/ml for up to 14 days.
Program: Pauline LeCombe, Ultradent; Brandy Conner, Arestin.
The delivery system (cartridge and syringe) is I designed for quick and easy administration of one unit dose of Arestin subgingivally in I periodontal pockets measuring [greater than or equal to] 5 mm with bleeding on probing (BOP) (Figure 1).
The sales of Periochip, Arestin, Atridox, Periostat and Doxycyline (generics) contribute to the periodontal therapeutics market size.
Filipiak commented that she uses subgingival antimicrobial therapies such as Arestin, and may also use mouthrinses as needed in her care planning.
In addition, ARESTIN significantly reduced the tissue damage caused by periodontal disease to a greater extent than treatment by SRP alone.