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(Greek mythology) Greek god of war

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[Nouns in themselves are either masculine, feminine, or neuter.
It cannot be definitely assigned either to the Ionian or Continental schools, for while the romantic element is very strong, there is a distinct genealogical interest; and in matters of diction and style the influences of both Hesiod and Homer are well-marked.
vi, xxxi, xxxii, are clearly preludes in the strict sense; in No.
The Hymn is doubtless a very ancient form; but if no example of extreme antiquity survive this must be put down to the fact that until the age of literary consciousness, such things are not preserved.
Bethink thee, sister, we are left alone; Shall we not perish wretchedest of all, If in defiance of the law we cross A monarch's will?--weak women, think of that, Not framed by nature to contend with men.
For myself, I call To witness Zeus, whose eyes are everywhere, If I perceive some mischievous design To sap the State, I will not hold my tongue; Nor would I reckon as my private friend A public foe, well knowing that the State Is the good ship that holds our fortunes all: Farewell to friendship, if she suffers wreck.
This will teach you What practices are like to serve your turn.
Tried counselors, methinks, are aptest found [1] To furnish for the future pregnant rede.
Many, my children, are the tears I've wept, And threaded many a maze of weary thought.
Yes; and I think that our principles are right, he said.
But if they are to be courageous, must they not learn other lessons besides these, and lessons of such a kind as will take away the fear of death?
"You are probably at a loss to know what interest I can feel in the matter?"
There are two other chances of finding her (of a more speculative kind) which can only be tested by inducing two men (both equally difficult to deal with) to confess what they know.
OEDIPUS Fear not, it shall be so; if we are old, This country's vigor has no touch of age.
Are not my teachers surer guides than thine-- Great Phoebus and the sire of Phoebus, Zeus?