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a city in southern Peru founded in 1540 on the site of an ancient Inca city

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Periurban Trypanosoma cruziinfected Triatoma infestans, Arequipa, Peru.
Archbishop Javier del Rio of Arequipa, Peru, has told his people, "In no way can one vote for a candidate who has explicitly stated his or her intention to go against marriage, human life and the family" (LieSiteNews, April 12, 2011).
TGI Friday, a US-based chain of restaurants, has announced opening of a new restaurant location in Arequipa, Peru.
Born in Arequipa, Peru, Vargas Llosa grew up with his mother and grandfather in the city of Cochabama in Bolivia before moving back to Peru in 1946.
Prof Paul Younger, a specialist in energy and environment and Newcastle University's Pro-Vice Chancellor for engagement, was awarded an honorary doctorate by the National University of St Augustine, in Arequipa, Peru.
Prof Paul Younger, a specialist in energy and environment, and Newcastle University's Pro-Vice-Chancellor for engagement, has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the National University of St Augustine, in Arequipa, Peru.
As well as selling low-cost goods, the shop has donated more than pounds 25,000 to St Joseph's Orphanage, in Arequipa, Peru, and thousands more for Rhondda charities, churches and community groups.
Pacific Rim trade ministers on Saturday expressed their strong resolve and political will to conclude the ongoing global trade liberalization talks under the World Trade Organization by the end of the year during their meeting in Arequipa, Peru.
AREQUIPA, Peru - Trade ministers from 21 Pacific Rim countries endorsed a statement Sunday recommending removing curbs on investment in the Pacific Rim by 2010 to make investment flow smoother.
TSE:5713) and Sumitomo Corporation (TSE:8053) (SMM and SC collectively referred to herein as "Sumitomo") jointly announced today the commencement of the production of copper concentrate from the Primary Sulfide Project at Cerro Verde mine in Arequipa, Peru.
The Centro de Apoyo y Promocion al Desarrollo Agrario (CAPRODA, Center to Support and Promote Agrarian Development) is a non-governmental organization in Arequipa, Peru that provides training services, technical assistance, consultation and information for the inhabitants of the resource-poor rural and urban regions of southern Peru.
15 to 19, occurs every two years in the mining centre of Arequipa, Peru, about a three-hour drive from Lima.
From Subjects to Citizens: Honor, Gender, and Politics in Arequipa, Peru 1780-1854.
At least 31 people died in Arequipa, Peru, where historic buildings crumbled following the quake, which measured a massive 7.
That is the conclusion of scientists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore after their post-mortem examination of a mummy discovered in September in the ice on 20,700-foot Mount Ampato, near Arequipa, Peru.