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United States historian and political philosopher (born in Germany) (1906-1975)

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Continue reading "A Shared Debt: The Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Gershom Scholem" at.
A lo largo de este libro Anabella Di Pego aborda la relacion entre filosofia y politica en Arendt a traves de una clave de lectura que busca recuperar y resignificar la tension existente entre ambas.
Arendt tambien destaco que lo mismo ocurre con las afirmaciones empiricas.
Arendt is further interesting because of her persistent dialogue with the scientific developments of her time and with the cultural reactions towards them.
Ada Ushpiz's disturbing and darkly fulfilling film focuses on Arendt's ideas through the lens of a future that Arendt could predict with alarming accuracy.
Having witnessed the terrible implications of unthinking, Arendt devoted much of her career to describing, speaking on behalf of, and provoking thinking.
Bernstein toma la expresion de Arendt para reforzar la idea de que, para analizar la violencia del siglo xx, despues del holocausto y los totalitarismos, no existen categori as seguras ni estables en las cuales apoyarnos.
As surprising as it may sound to modern ears, the church fathers used the concept of economy to describe the manifestation of the divine in the world, and not, as maintained by Arendt, to describe the appearance of the life process in the public sphere.
Can Hannah Arendt, the avatar of public philosophy, help us formulate an enlightened response?
While Curthoys builds toward asserting a relationship between Ernst Cassirer (chapters five and six) and Hannah Arendt (chapters seven and eight), in the process he seeks to revise our focus regarding each of these thinkers.
In The Promise of Politics, Arendt writes that without equal status, there is no freedom.
General trends across the industrial coatings market include meeting GHS requirements, reducing costs and using water-borne formulations, says Jeffrey Arendt, technical account coordinator at Arkema Coating Resins.
En el pensamiento de Hannah Arendt (1906-1975), el amor es un concepto equivoco.
El pensamiento politico de Hannah Arendt habilita a pensar varias aristas filosoficas que sustentan la figura del espectador.