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mercenaria is an EG II species (Table 2), so, as with Mya arenaria, this species' response is predicted to be indifferent to nutrient enrichment.
Among grasses, CF increased from 19.17% (Ammophila arenaria), 26.03% (Lophochloa cristata), to 38.30% (Lygeum spartum).
The next several weeks proved to be a whirlwind of activity, from filming documentary segments to lowering 15-meter (50-foot) metal coring tubes into deep blue holes from Arenaria.
Lack of detection of a putative retrovirus associated with haemic neoplasia in the soft shell clam Mya arenaria. J.
The natural range of Arenaria deflexa is the eastern Mediterranean countries, including Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan and Egypt.
1933 is represented by one row, which combines primary communities of the white dunes, while the Ammophila arenaria of different development levels of the white dunes belong to the union.
The clam disease was first noticed in the 1970s when soft-shell clams (Mya arenaria) in the Chesapeake Bay and in Maine started dying in large numbers.
Como clase P (presente) Arenaria serpyllifolia -t., Armeria duriaei, Calluna vulgaris, Capsella bursa-pastoris-t., Cytisus scoparius, Echium vulgare, Erica australis, E.
SANDWEEDY abounding in sandweed, another name for sandwort, a plant of the Arenaria family, which grows in sandy locations; of a beach, etc., full of sand and weeds.
arenaria, causando perdas na qualidade e na quantidade de frutos dessas culturas, nos municipios de Pirajui, Santa cruz do Rio Pardo, Reginopolis e campos Novos Paulista.
In this stage, the dominant species were Arenaria delavayi and Meconopsis horridula.
Mae'r moresg (Ammophila arenaria; marram grass) yn bwysig wrth sefydlogi'r twyni tywod.