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homostylous) Arenaria uniflora Whole flower Reduced size outcrossing flower, Selfing flower Astragalus cymbicarpos Whole flower Reduced size CH flowers, CL flowers Bromus carinatus CH Anther and flower Earlier flowers, maturation CL flowers Paedomorphosis [a] Ancestor, descendant Neot.
The Rhode Island clambake: A gustatory tribute to Mya arenaria.
The hydraulic digging mechanism was described in detail for Ensis arcuatus (Trueman 1967), Mya arenaria (Checa & Cadee 1997), and Ensis directus (Winter et al.
Three of the 11 endemic taxa are listed as federal endangered or threatened: Arenaria cumberlandensis as endangered (U.
On the New Jersey coast, for example, naticid predation can account for as much as 21% of Atlantic surfclam [Spisula solidissima (Dillwyn, 1817)] mortality (Weissberger & Grassle 2003), and in eastern Maine, the northern moonsnail [Lunatia heros (Say, 1822) (generic assignment based on Torigoe & Inaba [2011])] alone is estimated to consume more than 70% of juvenile softshell clams (Mya arenaria Linnaeus 1758) (Beal 2006).
Green crabs are voracious generalist predators, but prefer bivalves, such as softshell clams (Mya arenaria L.
Seasonal gonadal changes in female soft shell clams Mya arenaria, in Tred Avon River, Maryland.
The nematophagous fungus Yerticillium chlamidisporium as a potential biological control agent for Meloidogyne arenaria.
All triploid softshell clams Mya arenaria, Catarina scallops Argopecten ventricosus, and Pacific abalone Haliotis discus hannai have been found to be female (Allen et al.
Comparative physiological and behavioral responses to PSP toxins in two bivalve molluscs: the softshell clam, Mya arenaria, and surfclam, Spisula solidissima.
KEY WORDS: Mya arenaria, hemocytes, bDNA, single plex, p53-like mRNA, disseminated neoplasia
In freshwater mussels and the clam Mya arenaria, PITs inserted between the mantle and shell were also covered with nacre, further suggesting the possibility for long-term retention (Kurth et al.
The bivalves studied Atlantic bay scallop (Argopecten irradians, Lamarck), Northern quahogs = hard clam (Mercenaria mercenaria, Linnaeus), soft-shell clam (Mya arenaria, Linnaeus), ribbed mussel (Geukensia demissa, Dillwyn), and Eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica, Gmelin)--include species that are among the most valuable and abundantly harvested from coastal estuaries in the United States (Valiela et al.