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the quality of not being devout

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The apologists for [section] 501(c)(3) thus are correct in identifying the separation of church and state with the exclusion of religious organizations, but not in assuming that this principle and its exclusionary implications are areligious, unprejudiced, or neutral.
Kennedy, asserted that government may offer aid to the "religious, irreligious and areligious all alike" and hinted that, under some conditions, such tax assistance to religion may be mandatory.
Specifically, how can the Catholic physician or institution sustain freedom of conscience in a secular world whose culture is areligious, if not anti-religious?
Two prominent students of religious fundamentalism have noted that the concept applies to "beleaguered believers" who, when confronted with "the encroachment of outsiders who threaten to draw [them] into a syncretistic, areligious, or irreligious cultural milieu," go back to their faith's basic doctrines and practices in an effort to "preserve their distinctive identity as a people or group.
And so literature and art start referring to it incessantly, transforming themselves into an areligious medi tation on death and conducting "pre-casket somatism," to borrow a phrase from contemporary Polish poetry.
Mill was very far from a secular thinker if "secular" is understood as areligious, more or less indifferent to spiritual matters and more or less preoccupied with mundane considerations.
It illustrates Boiardo's handling of time, his representation of the beloved and of the world around her; and , with pertinent exemplification, points out the erotic nature of Boiardo's love, and his essentially areligious and joyous philosophy of life.
My greatest fear was that they would grow up areligious, without anything," Dana says of her children.
Dominique Schnapper's Jewish Identities in France: An Analysis of Contemporary French Jews emphasizes the extent to which French Jews - and this includes even secular French Jews who are areligious or even anti-religious - see Jewishness as a matter of religious observance and belief rather than of culture or politics.
Thus, in a few paragraphs McDaniel opens his readers to an areligious person, while demonstrating the possibility of a spiritual dimension in her.
After the breakup of the Soviet Union and the failure of the West to solve all the problems of humankind--because the West is basically areligious and devoid of morality --there was a renewed challenge to the Western value system.
AReligious leaders have attacked many elements of the Bill, and Catholic Cabinet ministers Ruth Kelly, Des Browne and Paul Murphy are expected to oppose key sections.
If the religious, irreligious and areligious are all alike eligible for governmental aid, no one would conclude that any indoctrination that any particular recipient conducts has been done at the behest of the government," Thomas wrote.
The areligious and pragmatic relativism of Europe and America can get a kind of religious consecration from India which seems to give its renunication of dogma the dignity of a greater respect before the mystery of God and man.
ARELIGIOUS icon of a different kettle marked his 60th birthday by launching a home page.