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the quality of not being devout

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The apologists for [section] 501(c)(3) thus are correct in identifying the separation of church and state with the exclusion of religious organizations, but not in assuming that this principle and its exclusionary implications are areligious, unprejudiced, or neutral.
One should not mix up religion with spirituality as one can be areligious and still believe in spirituality.
Accordingly it seems that a new religion of liberty is needed to provide political life with something that neither an areligious nor an irreligious freedom can provide, that is, something to live and die for.
Therefore, even if Catholicism remains the dominant religion in France, there is an important part of the population that declares to be areligious, and this fact, combined with the importance of individual autonomy, may contribute to a more favorable attitude towards euthanasia.
Mr Modi's apparent areligious patriotism will serve him well among the predominantly Gujarati NRIs, who are BJP sponsors.
The agnostics and areligious would come and listen to Sister Cindy stand on a bench and explain how they would all burn in hell - to huge waves of laughter.
Moral judgments may come after the fact, but the moment of decisionism is (supposedly) amoral, areligious, etc.
Limiting our understanding of insurgency to such historically particular anticolonial and areligious cases seems very hard to justify in today's decidedly postcolonial, post-Cold War era.
The political ends of a society may have religious or secular origins, no plausible conception of secularism can be cogently cast as inherently areligious, and for secularism to achieve meaningful neutrality, the public sphere must be shrunk to a minimum.
199) According to the court's analysis, the Mitchell plurality stands for the proposition that so long as government funds "are equally available to other religious, irreligious[,] and areligious alcohol treatment programs, the State is free to fund .
There was an outcry in the papers about the senseless murder of a young man over areligious divide associated with football clubs.
137) Citing the areligious motives in the legislation and the interest in parental choice in education, the court found the program was neutral towards sectarian and nonsectarian schools; accordingly, the scholarship program did not run afoul of the benefits clause.
Kennedy, asserted that government may offer aid to the "religious, irreligious and areligious all alike" and hinted that, under some conditions, such tax assistance to religion may be mandatory.
Specifically, how can the Catholic physician or institution sustain freedom of conscience in a secular world whose culture is areligious, if not anti-religious?
Two prominent students of religious fundamentalism have noted that the concept applies to "beleaguered believers" who, when confronted with "the encroachment of outsiders who threaten to draw [them] into a syncretistic, areligious, or irreligious cultural milieu," go back to their faith's basic doctrines and practices in an effort to "preserve their distinctive identity as a people or group.