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Synonyms for arles

money given by a buyer to a seller to bind a contract

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111) In a letter to Virgilius, Bishop of Arelate (Aries), he voices his
9-28) sobre ciudades como Bagacum (Bavay) o Samarobriua (Amiens)--, de la Narbonensis --estudiada, a partir de los foros, termas, teatros y otros conjuntos monumentales de centros como Aquae Sextiae (Aix en Provence), Tolosa (Toulouse) o Arelate (Arles) por M.
The Constantinian Coinage of Arelate (Finska Fornminnnesforeningens Tidskrift), 52.
Born at Naissus (Nis), possibly about 370, but early career unknown; appointed magister militum (field marshal), he helped Honorius by besieging the usurper Constantine for three months in Arelate (Arles), defeating a relief army under Eudobic (July?