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seed of betel palm

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Union ministers besides MPs from the major tobacco- producing states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka-- Ananth Kumar and Nirmala Sitharaman and Mohanbhai Kundaria-- were present at the meeting, where Nadda was asked to address all concerns Naidu, who also discussed the issue with agriculture minister Radhamohan Singh, said that tobacco and arecanut are two important cash crops and in many parts, the livelihood of farmers depends on them.
Reports have been received about the import of arecanut as a vegetable tanning agent under duty exemption schemes.
Most important aspect of medical treatment is cessation of habit of eating betel quid, arecanut, other local irritants, spicy and hot food, alcohol and smoking.
Betel-Quid and ArecaNut Chewing And Some Areca-Nut Derived Nitrosamines.
The bamboo drip irrigation system is normally used to irrigate the betel leaf or black pepper crops planted in arecanut orchards or in mixed orchards.
coconut, rubber, pepper, arecanut, coffee, tea and cardamom.
Spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and pepper - in addition to arecanut, oranges, and pomegranates - grow alongside, helping the farmer to augment his income from the plantations.
A series of seminars and workshops for growers, merchants and exporters has been conducted by the Board jointly with the Export Inspection Agency and the Directorate of Cocoa, Arecanut and Spices Development under the Union Agriculture Ministry, which has also taken up a programme for improving processing of pepper, turmeric and chillies at the farm level by conducting demonstrations in all important producing centres of these spices.
Tenders are invited for supply of arecanut seedlings and tejpata seedlings
In the spathe of arecanut, roasted and powdered items Are spread, and fire brands are fixed all along; I am cutting the cock and giving the blood offering (guruti).
Vaibhav Jaiswal and Amardeep Bardhan, from New Delhi and Assam respectively, won the prize for their business model of making plates and other household articles using arecanut leaf.
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from leaf and inflorescence explants of Arecanut (Areca catechu L).
936 times higher than rice straw polyester composites [15] and Arecanut FRP composites respectively [16].