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a measure of how densely information is packed on a storage medium

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The last technology transition, perpendicular recording, improved areal density by arranging the bits in a perpendicular fashion, thereby enabling narrower data tracks and read/write heads.
Seagate began shipping today's highest areal density disk in September 2011.
Using perpendicular recording, scientists believe that the effects of superparamagnetism can be further forestalled, which would create opportunities for continued robust growth in areal density at a rate of about 40 percent each year.
Toshiba's 240GB MK2431GAH and 120GB MK1231GAL achieve an areal density of 344 gigabits per square inch (531.
Tape is indeed fortunate that magnetic disk has already demonstrated solutions to high areal density magnetic recording while being able to leverage that for higher volumetric densities.
During the week of November 11, 2002, several companies announced attainment of significant areal density benchmarks in conjunction with the Magnetism and Magnetic Materials conference in Tampa, Florida.
Ed Grochowski, Executive Director, IDEMA USA, commented, "Today PMR has become a fully applied technology, responsible for the areal density growth in leading edge disk drive products.
One way to increase storage capacity is to increase the areal density of the medium.
As the areal density growth rate of current longitudinal recording begins to slow, perpendicular recording appears best-positioned to keep pace with the world's growing data storage needs, with the potential for far higher density levels over time than what could otherwise be achieved.
The new 30GB per platter product marks the fourth generation of areal density leadership in the 2.
However, industry requirements for increased areal density and consumer electronic expansion will continue to drive future investment in perpendicular head technology, transition to smaller femto slider formats and conversion to larger wafer size.
Using magneto-resistive (MR) and Giant MR Heads (GMR), magnetic disks surpassed the areal density of optical disks in early 1995.
Seagate Technology today announced a milestone in data storage technology with a world record-breaking areal density demonstration of more than 100 billion data bits per square inch (100 Gb/in2) using a fully integrated magnetic recording head and multi-layer antiferrogmagnetic coupled (AFC) disc.
5-inch HDD based on PMR, with the industry's highest areal density of 178.
Magnetic disk areal density has grown at an impressive 60% compound annual growth rate historically and has accelerated to greater than a 60% rate since 1999.