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the cortical area that receives information from the lateral geniculate body of the thalamus

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Sharjah: A fire that broke out on Sunday morning in Sharjah gutted two warehouses of used auto spare parts in Industrial Area 17, a senior Civil Defence official confirmed.
Founded in 2003, Area 17 has created content for clients such as Adidas, American Express, MTV and MySpace, among hundreds of others.
Sin embargo, se ha observado, que la enucleacion monocular en ratas y hamsters produce la aparicion de una banda callosa en el area 17 de la corteza ipsilateral al ojo remanente, en una zona que normalmente carece de conexiones callosas en el adulto (Olavarria et al.
The alignment of samples in Area 17 North corresponds approximately to the location of the contact between the Santa Isabel granitic intrusion and the enclosing acid gneiss.
Five warehouses belonging to a mattress and furniture factory were completely destroyed in the second fire which started at 3pm in Industrial Area 17, said Col Rashid Al Marri, Director of Operations of the Sharjah Civil Defence.
Tenders are invited for Periodical Services To Certain Buildings At Domestic And Technical Area 17 Fbsu, Tarmac, Af Det Mukkunnimala, Af Dett Kudankulam And Icgs Vizhinjam Under Ge (Af) Trivandrum
but once my tenancy contract expires this August I will definitely leave the building and find a reasonable place to live in Dubai,o Mohammad Nadeem Khan, a resident of Industrial Area 17, said.
A supermarket owner in Industrial Area 17 said this was the first time that the store had faced such problems and incurred losses.
Area Current member Area 1 Central London & North Thames P A Holloway Area 2 South West England & South Wales M C B Strickland Area 3 East Midlands G M Lowth Area 4 West Midlands J J Perry(*) Area 5 North East England J W Nixon Area 6 North West England & North Wales D Stanford Area 8 Northern Ireland W M Gardner Area 9 Republic of Ireland M J Brady Area 10 West, Central & Southern Africa M L Furber Area 11 Central Southern England T J Cooper-Jones Area 12 South East England W F Rowlands Area 14 South Asia N S C de Silva Area 15 North Asia K K Yeung Area 16 South East Asia E S Lim Area 17 Europe, North Africa & Middle East I Kleinman Area 18 The Americas D J Bush Area 19 Australasia A G Clark (*) members who do not wish to stand again
Harris, a mother of two, who lives in Industrial Area 17.
The scene at a building in SharjahAEs Industrial Area 17 during the power outage on Tuesday evening.
Residents sleep on the street near National Paints in SharjahAEs Industrial Area 17 during power outages on Tuesday night.