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Mixed Sal woodlands are structurally characterized by closed overstorey of Shorea robusta and Terminalia alata, while the dense understorey layer is composed of Ardisia solanacea, Clerodendrum viscosum, and Glycosmis pentaphylla.
Dwarf ardisia thrives as a lush groundcover, while mondo grass grows down the center of the driveway.
Ethnopharmacological relevance: Ardipusilloside I is a triterpene-saponin isolated from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Ardisia pusilla A.
Ardipusilloside I, a natural product which is isolated from Ardisia pusilla A.
Ardipusilloside I is a compound which is isolated from the traditional Chinese medicine Ardisia pusilla A.
2356 fruit; Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, 1993; Feb, Mar, 1994; Long Key, Feb, Mar, 1993); Myrcinaceae: marlberry, Ardisia escallonioides Schlecht.
Abutilon 5g Desert Prince - Ardisia J PMcManus - 2PP43F Won two chases around Fontwell last year and placed a couple of times.
The present study was to evaluate the effects of Ardipusilloside I isolated from Ardisia pusilla on the growth, vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (VEGFR) expression and apoptosis of NCI-H460 cell line by MTT, ELISA and flow cytometer, respectively.
pubescens), Ardisia elliptica, Goniothalamus malayanus, Momordica charantia and Piper aduncum showed significant inhibitory effects of more than 60%.
To stud at 4 and dam of: Best Of Me (1980 f by Roberto; unraced), Concorde Island (1982 c by Super Concorde; winner), Princenic (1983 c by Plugged Nickle; winner), Sharp Princess (1984 f by Sharpen Up; winner), Dust King (1986 g by Lear Fan; winner), Ausherra (1988 f by Diesis; Listed winner), Ardisia (1989 f by Affirmed; winner), Alderney Prince (1990 c by Trempolino; winner), unnamed (1991 c by Affirmed; died as a foal), Royal Scimitar (1992 c by Diesis; Listed winner), Princely Sword (1993 c by Sanglamore; unplaced), Isle Of Man (1994 c by Manila; winner), Ramruma (1996 f by Diesis; Classic winner), Zarara (1997 f by Silver Hawk; her last foal, in training with H Cecil).
Ardisia crenata Shrub Forest--Japan Prunus seroti Tree Forest--north-western Europe Bidens pilosa L.
Ardisia (Affirmed-Princess Of Man) ch c May 15 by Hernando visits Halling
sikkimensis, Anacardium occidentale, Ardisia species, Artemisia