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Kim, "Anti-inflammatory and antihyperalgesic effects of Ardisia crispa Thunb.
The aim of this study was to develop CPE method based on surfactants for extraction and preconcentration of gallic acid, bergenin, quercitrin, and embelin from Ardisia japonica samples (Figure 2).
The study conducted in [2] revealed that the root of Ardisia contains various phytochemical compounds such as phenolic, flavonoid, and saponin using hydroethanolic extract as solvent system.
De Mejia, "Polyphenolic compounds, antioxidant capacity, and quinone reductase activity of an aqueous extract of Ardisia compressa in comparison to mate (llex paraguariensis) and green (Camellia sinensis) teas," Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol.
Esta especie se distribuye desde la Florida, Estados Unidos, hasta Brasil y prefiere construir sus colonias en ramas y troncos de plantas como Anacardium sp., Ardisia revoluta Kunth, Avicennia germinans L., Baccharis halimifolia L., Carya floridana Sarg., Cladium jamaicense Crantz, Conocarpus erectus L., Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Kunth ex Walp., Hibiscus tiliaceus L., Laguncularia racemosa (L.) C.
Shen, "PTP1B inhibitors from Ardisia japonica," Journal of Asian Natural Products Research, vol.
It was also reported that potent antimalarial activities exhibited by Eurycoma longifolia with 80% parasitaemia inhibition at 10 mg/kg and Ardisia crispa [16].
Some of the many interesting varieties that make up the garden today include weeping mulberry, rose of Sharon, croton, cordyline, swamp sunflower, ardisia, pieris japonica, and acuba.
Drug composition and preparation: Boil root of Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk., root of Ficus hispida L.F., bark of Spondias mombin Linn., bark of Ardisia aprica Fletchev., then take them as an oral medicine for antipyretic and antiemetic treatment.
Spear Thistle 8g Selkirk - Ardisia Tony Hayward & Sue Head 0/2168PRPR 129h OR 123h Like last year we started him out on the Flat, but he didn''t perform that well at Catterick and decided to look after himself.
The abandoned, plowed farmlands were colonized by both native and introduced species but quickly succeeded to a canopy dominated by Brazilian pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius) from South America and an understory largely of Asian shoebutton ardisia (Ardisia elliptica) (Koop, 2004; Koop and Horvitz, 2005, and references therein).
ARDISIA or Coral Berry is a showy and unusual plant that will give your friends a challenge as well as years of pleasure.
* Cuarto grupo: Especies endemicas, exclusivas de la formacion PVS-M y especies reportadas para el Norte de la region oriental (Ardisia grisebachiana (Kuntze) Alain; Byrsonima biflora Griseb; Calophyllum utile Bisse; Coccoloba costata Wr.