Battle of the Bulge

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It was named the Ardennes Offensive but got its more popular moniker because of the bulging shape the German invasion took on maps.
Biddle attributes this lack of debate to "hardened attitudes" among the war leaders at this stage of a long and exhausting war, as well as their anxiety about the conflict's future direction in the immediate aftermath of the Ardennes offensive.
All but forgotten between the news of the end of the German Ardennes offensive and the sinking of the German passenger liner Wilhelm Gustloff with 6000 refugees, was the all too casual report that the plane carrying Nichol to his investiture in England was lost en route.
intelligence failures (Pearl Harbor, the outbreak of the Korean War and subsequent Chinese intervention, Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, Germany's Ardennes offensive in December 1944, Okinawa), diplomatic blunders (Dean Acheson's exclusion of Korea from our defense perimeter in Asia, a U.
Drawing on multiple unpublished sources, he describes the Battle of the Bulge and of the Ardennes Offensive from the German perspective.