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a wooded plateau in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France

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Middleton knew the only option was to delay the Germans as long as possible to allow time to move reinforcements into the Ardennes Forest, and particularly into Bastogne.
Wounded in December of 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes Forest, he survived and returned home to raise a family and start a frozen food business.
Along with Corporal Alex Sims, Corporal Charles Baker, Private Samuel Lemons, Private Timothy Jackson, and six others, he faces the harsh winter in the Ardennes Forest against immeasurable odds and the feared and fanatical SS.
Erected in the Ardennes forest on the banks of the Clerve, it was heavily damaged during World War I and II.
After their worst weekend of the year in Budapest just over three weeks ago, the race in the Ardennes forest is a vital one for all at McLaren if the team are ultimately to be successful.
Held at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in the heart of the Ardennes forest to the south east of the country, the race is famed for its combination of corners, unpredictable racing, weather and wheel to wheel action that has yielded some classic races.
In another chapter, the reader will see the war from the tactical level through the perspective of one of Shaara's fictional characters--perhaps in a B-17 cockpit or in a snow-covered foxhole in the Ardennes Forest.
Within the small town set deep in the Ardennes forest close to the border with Luxembourg were thousands of US soldiers, including the 101st Airborne Division, commanded by McAuliffe, whose HQ was in a cellar of the barracks now earmarked for closure.
AaThe Germans struck NW of the Line's end, through the Belgian/French Ardennes Forest, a route anticipated by the French Army which held war games there in 1939.
On May 10, 1940, as German panzers thrust through the Ardennes Forest on their way to Belgium and France, the conservative government headed by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain fell from power.
Before he knew it, she was relating her experiences of working for the USO and performing in the Ardennes forest during World War II.
No one had expected Hitler to amass forces secretly and break through the lines of the Ardennes forest, or the fierce fighting that was to be called the Battle of the Bulge, and the Allied troops desperately lacked food, supplies, arms and ammunition.
They dug into the iron-hard ground near the German frontier in bitter December weather, only to suddenly find themselves fighting for their lives when the final German blitzkrieg erupted out of the Ardennes Forest in front of them.
THE STORY In a poor American mining town a group of young outsiders (including Jamie Bell) form a secret club called The Dandies dedicating themselves to THE STORY In December 1944 in the Ardennes Forest the German army takes more than 100 American soldiers prisoner.
But when a rogue rescue mission ended in tragedy, a bereft Annie finds herself a captured prisoner behind enemy lines in Belgium's Ardennes Forest.