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forming or resembling an arch

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Sometimes the hernia occurs below the level of the arcuate line and is then called "low" Spigelian hernia.
The widest portion of the spigelian fascia is the area where the semilunar line intersects the arcuate line of Douglas (the linea semicircularis).
9) reported its insertion by a thin tendon, into iliopectineal eminence and arcuate line, inconstant insertion into iliac fascia and pectineal ligament.
1988) (9), as reported by Guerra (8), stated that insertion of Psoas minor muscle is by a thin tendon into the iliopectineal eminence, arcuate line, the iliac fascia & pectineal ligament.
The pelvic brim is formed by arcuate lines passing from the sacral promontory to the superior border of the pubis anteriorly.