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In addition, "two cortical regions connected via the arcuate fasciculus exhibited increased thickness: the right middle temporal and precentral gyri," they noted.
We found that a better quality of the arcuate fasciculus anterior -- a white matter tract that connects brain regions often used for arithmetic -- corresponds to better performance in adding and multiplying, while there is no correlation for subtracting and dividing.
Expressive language cortex in the dominant inferior, posterior frontal lobe and receptive cortex in the dominant superior posterior temporal lobe, together with the white matter pathway connecting these two regions, the arcuate fasciculus, is commonly cited as the neural substrate of language.
They found that the arcuate fasciculus, a collection of nerve fibres connecting auditory regions at the temporal lobe with the motor area located at the frontal lobe in the left hemisphere of the brain, allows the 'sound' of a word to be connected to the regions responsible for its articulation.
The arcuate fasciculus and the disconnection theme in language and aphasia: History and current state.
The mean distance between the stimulation sites and the DT-imaged fiber tracks varies from 2mm to 1cm in the pyramidal tract [3,16,18,24] and to visualize language-related subcortical connections, such as the arcuate fasciculus (AF) distances between the stimulus points and the AF were within 6 mm [10].