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Its pollen retains many of the plesiomorphic characters of the group and as such is very similar to that of Cuspidia, Arctotis, etc.
South Africa Funk & Koekemoer Levyns 12,418 Arctotis fastuosa Jacq.
Orange blooms of Arctotis 'Pumpkin Pie', Leucadendron 'Flame Tip' and L.
A yellow garden I have known included euryops daisy, Russian giant sunflower, calendula, arctotheca, several different varieties and sizes of yellow marigold, genista, trailing gazania, butter yellow snapdragon, crown yellow pansy, arctotis and kangaroo paw (Anigozanthos).
Get sowing lots of annuals, including begonias, celosias, Arctotis, alyssum, gerbera, marigolds, nemesia, bells of Ireland, Gailiardia cleome and sweet peas.
Alan started a wish list of plants--including acacia, aloes, arctotis, kalanchoe, and leucadendron--and asked landscape designer Robert Cornell (626/398-5581) to help him fit them all in.
The list of choices seems to go on forever: Arctotis, Dimorphotheca, Euryops, Felicia, Gazania, Gerbera, and Osteospermum are woven into shrub and perennial beds, splashed over bare spaces in the border, and allowed to spill out of containers.
These include arctotis, helianthemum, Shasta daisies, and bright yellow coreopsis.
A 3-foot-wide bed at its base holds a collection of colorful pernnials, including variegated ajuga, arctotis, dusty miller, black mondo grass, and Tradescantia virginiana.
When you want color, few low-growing plants offer more than the four shown: Cape weed, arctotis, gazania, and osteospermum.
By summer, water just enough to keep plants from wilting; overwatering encourages root rot, especially on arctotis and gazanias.
These sprout in warm conditions: agapanthus (probably three years to bloom), arctotis, chrysanthemum (seeds are tiny), gaillardia, gerbera (requires protection when young), rudbeckia, Shasta daisy (single- and double-flowered types, dwarf and tall strains are obtainable and easy to grow).