Arctium minus

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a plant that is ubiquitous in all but very acid soil

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Arctium minus and Lappula echinata (the two exotic species) were the only two plant species that displayed greater than 50% adherence (on raccoon, bison and cotton pants).
Exceptions were Anemone canadensis (on all substrates), Arctium minus (on mouse and raccoon), Bidens frondosa and Sanicula marilandica (on deer, mouse and pants), C, eum aleppicum (on pants), Glycyrrhiza lepidota and Xanthium strumarium (on mouse and pants) and Lappula echinata (on mouse).
For instance, 74.1% of diaspores from Arctium minus adhered to raccoon fur, but their retention was low (4.2%) (Fig.
The two exotic plant species involved in this study (Arctium minus, Lappula echinata) were the only plant taxa to have an overall mean diaspore adherence greater than 50%, across all substrates.
The birds were snagged by burdock (Arctium minus), a weed that can grow to 6 feet.
SPECIFIC HERBS FOR THE COLD SEASON PART HERB USED PREPARATION Barberry (Myrica bark Infusion for tea, californica) hot or cold; powdered in capsules Boneset leaf Infusion for tea (Eupatorium perfoliatum) Budock (arctium minus) roots Decoction for tea Coltsfoot (Tussilago leaf Infusion for tea, farfara) or smoked Elder (Sambucus sps.) flowers Infusion for tea, good with peppermint Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus leaves and Infusion, decoction sps.) pods or inhalant Horehound (Marrubium leaves Infusion for tea; vulgare) candy Inmortal (Asclepias roots Decoction of dried asperula) root for tea Lobelia (Lobelia entire plant, 1 tsp.