Arctic wolf

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wolf of Arctic North America having white fur and a black-tipped tail

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Key words: arctic wolf, High Arctic, extermination, poison, Greenland, harvest
2008: Reproduction and mortality of the high arctic wolf, Canis lupus arctos, in northeast Greenland, 1978-1998.
giving in a universe filled with cool looking space ships, knee high Brontosaurus and a half human half arctic wolf creature, our newest and youngest hero, has arrived.
It's a very special place and below the waves off our coast are incredible kelp forests, fearsome-looking Arctic wolf fish and colourful anemones typical of warmer waters.
The Arctic Wolf drill rig, currently under long-term contract with North Slope explorer FEX, will be dismantled after this spring's season and trucked to Nenana.
Oregon's climate may not be ideal for the Arctic wolf, a subspecies of the gray wolf that originates in the cold climate above the Arctic Circle, "but when it snows, they really love it," Tulleners says.
Go wild and cuddle an Arctic Wolf or Snow fox (faux, of course) hot water bottle cover and bottle, pounds 19.
Here's our choice: Cuddle an Arctic wolf or snow fox (faux of course) hot water bottle cover and bottle, pounds 19.
A couple of local men arrived by snowmobile, wearing enormous mittens of longhaired Arctic wolf fur and thick brown musk ox hide.
Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, is working with a number of companies to offer Arctic Wolf air conditioning systems in material handling machines.
She has dominated everyone since arriving and even Oden, our Arctic Wolf, is scared of her.
It does not seem unreasonable to suppose that they are descended from the Arctic wolf, an excellent hunter that organizes hunting groups capable of acting with discipline and hierarchical order.
Instead of a nine-kilometre crossing this meant a three-day, 60-kilometre detour around the head of the gulf -- a journey made more rewarding by a face-to-face experience with an Arctic wolf and the discovery of the remains of six Eskimo huts at Chevalier Bay, referred to by Parry in his journal.
It's the Arctic of your childhood imagination, land of the musk-ox and Arctic wolf.
His science project was on the behavior of the Arctic wolf,'' Cohen said.