Arctic wolf

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wolf of Arctic North America having white fur and a black-tipped tail

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A 40-day drilling season is planned, estimated to start in mid-summer, the first summer drilling season for the Arctic Wolf.
Stripe hot water bottle cover, pounds 45, from Graham & Green; Red heartshaped hot water bottle and cover, pounds 15, from Store; Arctic Wolf and Snow Fox hot water bottles from Shop.
A couple of local men arrived by snowmobile, wearing enormous mittens of longhaired Arctic wolf fur and thick brown musk ox hide.
Arctic wolf, musk ox, caribou, Arctic fox, ringed seal, bearded seal, as well as birds--tundra swan, snow geese, ptarmigan--and polar bear, all live and are hunted on Banks Island.
Come to Santa's Toyland Grotto where you will see lovely snowy scenes with penguins, bears, an arctic wolf, twinkling trees and Santa's helicopter
Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, is working with a number of companies to offer Arctic Wolf air conditioning systems in material handling machines.
HOW about a fake-fur arctic wolf or brown-bear hot water bottle cover?
She has dominated everyone since arriving and even Oden, our Arctic Wolf, is scared of her.
His science project was on the behavior of the Arctic wolf,'' Cohen said.
I then looked back at the screen just in time to see the plucky little guillemot emit a shrill cry as, just feet from the water, an Arctic wolf pounced from no where and clamped its hungry jaws around its neck.
Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, to offer Arctic Wolf air conditioning systems in MHL350, 360 and 380 material handling machines.
the Center's two arctic wolf pups were introduced to the existing pack of adult wolves, and after much greeting, smelling, and exploring, were welcomed to their new home.
The International Wolf Center has been raising the two arctic wolf pups since shortly after their birth on May 8th.
Arctic wolf 'Shikira' is all set to star in the EUR200 million Hollywood production of King Arthur which begins filming this summer.
The campaign was equally fun to produce," McArtor added, pointing out that the creative team worked with an actual 120-pound arctic wolf for the print executions.