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a vast treeless plain in the Arctic regions where the subsoil is permanently frozen

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Their numbers can shift dramatically from year to year because their breeding success relies heavily on a number of wildly variable factors including the timing of spring vernal pools on the Arctic tundra.
Comparing Image Classification Techniques for Arctic Tundra Land Cover, Toolik Lake, Alaska.
The Arctic tundra is among Earth's coldest and driest habitats, with an average winter temperature of -30[degrees]C (-22[degrees]F) and limited vegetation.
For capable as it may well be of crossing the Rocky Mountains, the Kalahari Desert or the Arctic tundra, the Shogun proves a pretty composed and comfortable drive when dealing the with lesser challenges of the M6, for instance.
1 petagram (100 million metric tons) per year since 1989 -- won't contribute to the greenhouse effect unless it comes from carbon that had been locked away out of the system for a long time, such as in Arctic tundra.
Glier describes setting himself up to be "just a little uncomfortable, like using a rough sponge to abrade the skin to become more sensitive" as he planned and executed a journey that began in 2007, in an Inuit village on the Arctic tundra.
Ben Holmes, from Darlington, spent a gruelling ten weeks measuring the effects of climate change on the Arctic tundra with the British Schools Exploring Society.
Scientists believe that human-driven climate change has already contributed to the melting of frozen Arctic tundra which, in turn, may be hastening the release of carbon dioxide and methane buried inside that tundra in the billions of tons.
To maximize its impact as a teaching tool, "Over in the Arctic" contains additional information about the Arctic tundra, hidden Arctic animals in the illustrations, and tips from the author and the illustrator.
Beach will travel from the wind-swept Arctic tundra to rugged coastal mountains.
She is an entertaining guest speaker on radio and television, having mushed Arctic tundra under a midnight sun, scaled mountains and taken part in a Native Alaskan whaling expedition.
It has lured people to scour the ends of the earth, from the Arctic tundra to the scorching deserts.
More warming means more melting: If the permafrost across the Arctic tundra melts, it could release vast reservoirs of methane, a greenhouse gas that can trap 10 times as much heat as carbon dioxide.
They cover a vast territory from the North American prairies to the Rocky Mountains and from the border with the USA to the Arctic tundra.
The fragile Arctic tundra on which the snowy owl makes its home is under severe threat from climate change.