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the sun visible at midnight (inside the Arctic or Antarctic Circles)

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The Arctic Summer Adventure and the Polar Bear Adventure include a Tundra Tour in an Arctic Crawlers, huge monster truck-sized viewing platforms which can get close to the bears safely.
In 2007 he predicted that the Arctic summer sea ice would be gone completely by 2013, and then in 2012 he forecast that it would be gone by 2016--yet 4.
At the end of the Arctic summer the sea ice is now about a quarter of what it was in 1979.
SOUTH AFRICAN author Damon Galgut's latest book, Arctic Summer, explores the life and times of the writer Edward Morgan Forster.
ARCTIC SUMMER by Damon Galgut (Atlantic Books,PS17.
Nasa recently stated that in the last 12 months the Arctic summer ice-sheet increased by 0.
THE three cruise lines based at Liverpool next year are clearly maximising the port's (relative) closeness to visit where the sun never sets in the Arctic summer.
Arctic summer, GROVER can work at any time during the day and should be able to work longer and gather more data than a human on a snowmobile.
According to Prof Jones: "An obvious conclusion is that this year's Arctic summer has terminally undermined the position of the [climate change] 'denialists' and alerts all sensible, pragmatic people to global warming and the need for much more urgent action to combat the threats posed.
Scientists say climate change is already visible in sea-level rise, loss of alpine glaciers and snow cover, shrinking Arctic summer sea ice, thawing permafrost, poleward migration of animals and plants and an increase in intense tropical cyclone activity in the North Atlantic.
Dear EarthTalk: I heard that the Arctic summer sea ice is at its lowest level since we began recording it.
A recent UN report projects Arctic summer ice to be non-existent by 2020.
In addition to making the few routes near shore navigable for a greater duration of the short Arctic summer, new sea lanes are opening.
Atop the meter-thick ice, pools of sky-blue meltwater were accumulating as the Arctic summer progressed.