Arctic hare

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a large hare of northern North America

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Arctic hares have much smaller ears than their relatives in warmer climates to prevent them losing heat.
We'll backpack the Truelove River valley, home to musk oxen, arctic hares, weasels, wolves, exceptional bird life, and the breeding grounds of arctic loons, terns, and falcons.
He also describes with great empathy how Franklin's men slowly lost their minds, demented by exposure and poisoned by the lead in their canned supplies; some of the best and most relentless writing in this book recounts their increasing despondence, the way that "when the snow had come to stay, when it lay whorled in gigantic fingerprints between ship-ridges where the Arctic hares once came bustling, when it glittered with glare-constellations of frost, when it hardened until it merely creaked instead of giving under the men's steps, when it stuck to their boots and froze to them immediately so that shaking or kicking or brushing or scraping scarcely dislodged it, then some men began to give up their hopes.
Arctic Hare Single sightings in June 1993 and 1998.
ENERGETIC Andrea Masala is mesmerising as the Arctic hare
Arctic hares and snow leopards climb to the peaks during the winter where it's colder.
How do the ears of an arctic hare help keep the animal warm?
We hope to see the strange gait of the arctic hare and spot some Porcupine caribou, arctic wolves, musk oxen, and bear.
A series of seasonal stories, they will be accompanied by traditional Nordic music, a dancing Arctic hare and the light display.
001); caribou was the most frequent prey type, occurring in 65% of all scats, followed by bird prey (29%), arctic hare (18%), rodents (12%), and muskoxen (9%) (Table 1).
So far, we've had caribou, beluga, musk ox, walrus, Arctic fox, snowy owl, Arctic hare .
Animals including the snow bunting and Arctic hare, which rely on snow cover in the mountains, are also under threat.
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