Arctic ground squirrel

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large ground squirrel of the North American far north

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The Arctic ground squirrel is the only known mammal capable of lowering its body temperature to below freezing during hibernation.
In April or May the arctic ground squirrel will stop hibernating.
Some think arctic ground squirrels must warm up in case their bodies need to fight off any germs that would make them sick.
Schmidt's (1963) analysis of fecal pellets from 15 Arctic ground squirrels (Spermophilus parryii) documented a 1000 fold increase in psychrophilic bacteria (microbes exhibiting an optimum temperature of 15[degrees]C and an inability to grow above 20[degrees]C) and a 1000 fold reduction in coliform bacteria, while numbers of enterococci remained rather constant.
Merging their interests, Rice and Drew decided to investigate antioxidant concentrations in hibernating arctic ground squirrels.
Drew has confirmed those observations with her arctic ground squirrels.
Barnes and his co-workers captured 12 arctic ground squirrels from their native habitat on the North Slope of Alaska.
carolinensis Asdell, 1964; Koprowski, 1992), Arctic ground squirrels (Xerospermophilus parryii; Murie and McLean, 1980), Beechey's ground squirrels (Otospermophilus beecheyi; Tomich, 1962), Columbian ground squirrels (Urocitellus columbianus; Murie and McLean, 1980), Richardson's ground squirrels (U.
Tundra bears are normally smaller, getting by on grass, blueberries, Arctic ground squirrels and occasional caribou.
Some Arctic ground squirrels hold steady at subzero temperatures.
Grizzly bears and arctic ground squirrels fatten before hibernating.
Arctic ground squirrels, which hibernate in soil that's permanently frozen, withstand even greater metabolic decreases.
Not until the researchers tested Arctic ground squirrels, which haven't encountered rattlesnakes during the past 3 million years, did they find a ground squirrel without snake-taunting behaviors.
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