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thickly-furred fox of Arctic regions

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In arctic foxes raised together with sick raccoon dogs on farm B, intestinal mucosa samples from 3 of 7 foxes that died of diarrhea-associated dehydration were RFAV DNA PCR positive.
The Arctic Fox Research Center in Su[eth]avik is a great place to learn more about the only native terrestrial mammal in Iceland and now is the perfect time to visit, since arctic foxes usually give birth to between three and nine pups in the early summer
Collared lemmings, the only lemming or vole species that occur on the Nestor One study area (Roth 2002), are the primary food for arctic foxes.
Nigel Marven, the intrepid zoologist (above) returns for a new series and wastes no time in exploring the wildlife in the Canadian Arctic, where he encounters Arctic foxes.
Or you could meet the Arctic Foxes, the first British all-female team to cross the Greenland ice-sheet, and Alan Hinkes, the only Briton to summit all 8,000m peaks in the world.
Entries are sorted by genus, including arctic foxes, the mysterious small-eared dog of South America, the familiar jackals, coyotes and wolves of genus Canis, the crab-eating fox, maned wolf, dhole, raccoon dog, bat-eared dog, culpeo and chilla, and a surprising number of other foxes such as the Tibetan Sand Fox.
Arctic foxes are facing increased competition with red foxes as more red foxes move further north due to warming temperatures.
To test a possible link to home-range size, she and Mason considered 35 carnivores, including lions, cheetahs, brown and black bears, mink, brown hyenas, and arctic foxes.
Sarah Michelle Geller and boyfriend Freddie Prince Jnr cuddle up to arctic foxes Natasha and Boris, at SeaWorld wild arctic attraction but the foxes weren't impressed or maybe they were just playing it cool.
Their reliance on hunting and fishing to supply their needs--food, clothing, heating oil-made them experts on creatures ranging from flat-bodied halibut to wily arctic foxes.
In addition to seven polar bears, the exhibit also is home to several other Arctic animals including four Arctic foxes, two snowy owls, four harbor seals, one rescued Grey seal, and one rescued Harp seal.
By 2050 we can foresee fewer migratory birds and mammals like Arctic foxes and reindeer but more gulls, red foxes and crows,'' said Dr.
Lemmings are prey for many arctic species, including arctic foxes (Alopex lagopus), pomarine jaegers (Stercorarius pomarinus), and snowy owls (Nyctea scandiaca), especially in years with lemming population highs.
Polar bears, caribou, Arctic foxes and white beluga whales are the main attractions of a nine-day summer tour to explore the natural and cultural heritage of Churchill, a northern village on the edge of Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada.
bears, whales, seals, Arctic foxes, walrus and reindeer.
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