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small trout of northern waters

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He said steps had been taken to improve the habitat of the rare Arctic charr and a breeding programme was now in place.
A further 500 fish will be released into each lake later in the year Arctic charr can only be found in a few cold, deep lakes where they have developed into distinct populations but declining numbers of the charr (also known as the torgoch) in Llyn Padarn are causing fears for their future.
Miglavs and Jobling (1989) reported that lipid decreased and water increased in the eviscerated carcass of Arctic charr with feed deprivation; however, liver lipid content of restrictedsatiation fish followed by satiation feeding was higher than that of fish fed to satiation without feed deprivation in 16week feeding trial.
The effect of chromic oxide (Cr2O3) on aerobic bacterial populations associated with the intestinal epithelial mucosa of arctic charr, Salvelinus alpinus(L.
Arctic charr can only be found in a few cold, deep lakes in North Wales where they have developed into distinct populations.
The ferox is a brown trout, which at an early stage of its life moved on to feed on other fish - usually Arctic charr - rather than aquatic insect life.
Blue green algal blooms have occurred at the Llanberis lake over the last few years and concerns have been raised that sewage effluent may threaten its unique population of rare arctic charr (Torgoch).
Staff at the Environment Agency Kielder hatchery have successfully reared 15,000 Arctic Charr ( a fish unique to Ennerdale Water in the Lake District.
They are worried that the scheme will affect the environment, in particular the rare Arctic charr.
Secretary of the Seiont, Gwyrfai and Llyfni Fishing Society Huw Hughes warns the torgoch or Arctic charr in Llyn Padarn, Llanberis could become extinct in three years' time.
The Ennerdale Arctic Charr, which have been around since the Ice Age, were thought to have been dying out rapidly until the agency stepped in, but now it is thought safe to start introducing them back in to their natural home of Ennerdale Water in the Lake District.
There are fears the scheme could affect the environment, in particular the rare Arctic charr which swim in the lake.
About 800 young arctic charr, a species which can only be found in a few deep, cold lakes across the region, are now swimming in Llyn Crafnant in the Conwy Valley, thanks to Environment Agency Wales.
June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Fresh from the icy waters of the North Atlantic comes Arctic Charr, a sweet, flaky fish sure to captivate the tastebuds of fish-lovers everywhere.
It found the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water-owned works played a major role in causing environmental damage to the lake, which is important to the local economy and as a habitat for Arctic charr.
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