Arctic char

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small trout of northern waters

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The Arctic char and rainbow trout are captive broodstock, meaning that they are not harvested from the wild.
Members of the CAF were taught how to catch Arctic char by setting up catch basins or weirs in shallow water (as seen here), set up snare traps, as well as build emergency shelters.
When they went to the falls upriver to spear Arctic char, I tagged along to watch.
Without | Under threat: Arctic char in the lake (top) Fish Legal's persistence there is little doubt NRW and Welsh Water would still be sitting on their hands.
Grandma teaches them everything they need to know, and by the end of the day, they have a yummy meal of Arctic char.
In this study, we assayed microsatellite DNA variation among 987 Arctic char from two important coastal subsistence fisheries and several inland sampling locations in the Darnley Bay area to (1) assess the degree of genetic structuring between the Hornaday and Brock Rivers and (2) resolve the proportional contributions of these stocks to coastal mixed-stock fisheries in the region using GMA.
Sitting down to a shrimp, lobster, salmon, halibut or arctic char dish is a great way to end any coastal excursion.
High in the north Atlantic, the island nation of Iceland oers up foods like Arctic char - a milder cousin of salmon and trout, lean lamb and delicious seafood including catsh.
Try fly-fishing for Arctic Char by the lights of the Aurora in far Northern Quebec or pair light-peeping in the Northwest Territories with a locally sourced gourmet meal of caribou.
A lot of the cast and crew ate here during breaks in filming and I gobbled up a gorgeous lunch of Arctic char - a type of lake trout - with potato cake and salad.
So what was an Arctic char doing in a former mill lade, a few yards wide and only three or four feet deep, by the side of the River Tay just a few miles from Perth?
After recording freshwater fish populations for almost 50 years I can add a new species to the list with the introduction of Arctic Char into Kielder this week.
In other dishes, she might pair miso with barley in a soup; marinated salmon with mango-kiwi relish; or Arctic Char with honey and wasabi.
The lake - a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - is home to salmon, trout and the rare Torgoch or Arctic char.
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