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the regions to the north of the Arctic Circle centered on the North Pole

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Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers, he declared, all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone.
In a resolution tabled by Michael Gahler (EPP, Germany), adopted on 20 January, MEPs note that despite having three member states with territory in the Arctic zone (Denmark, Finland and Sweden), the Union still has no common and clear policy on the High North.
Use of the Arctic zone of Russia as a strategic resource base of Russia to tackle socioeconomic development of the country;
9 billion arms bill to strengthen its military presence in its arctic zone, while Russia has resumed tactical flights of nuclear bombers in its polar region, triggering the protests of numerous countries.
This is better underfoot as the climbers get ready to enter the glacial arctic zone on the upper slopes of Kilimanjaro.
Relatively little is known about the region's environmental system and its global influence, but natural recovery in the Arctic zone is slow, and thus the idea of "short-term" impacts is irrelevant when considering the consequences of our actions.
We must finalise and adopt a federal law on the southern border of Russia's Arctic zone," Medvedev said.
The US Geological Survey estimates that up to 25 percent of global oil and gas reserves may lie in the Arctic zone.
COOL LUNCHBOX: If the kids are already complaining about having to take their lunch to school, try packing it in the Crushproof Lunch Carrier from Arctic Zone.
Honestly, it's better than it sounds, with interactive elements including a rainforest storm, an earthquake and an Arctic zone that is genuinely cold.
Called the Arctic Zone, the cooler unit is available in many of Lane's motion configurations, including the new ActionMates correlates.
Development of the Arctic zone is one of the major processes of global economic dynamics, which is determined by the conjuncture of the world's hydrocarbon markets.
First of all, he spoke about the work carried out in Yakutia to clean scrap metal in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.
The Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF), as Moscow calls it, is an expansive, transcontinental landscape that covers over half of the Arctic's nine million square miles.