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It's unclear whether this year's strong El Nino event, which is a naturally occurring phenomenon that typically occurs every two to seven years where the surface water of the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean warms, has had any impact on the Arctic sea ice minimum extent.
The rapidly-disappearing Arctic sea ice should be a wake-up call for his Government to tackle climate change, not pave the way for a corporate carve-up of the region's resources.
In addition to monitoring sea ice from space, NASA is conducting airborne field campaigns to track changes in Arctic sea ice and its impact on climate.
Researchers at the National Snow and Ice Data Center recently announced that new data show the extent of Arctic sea ice is now just 1.
Satellite tracking has confirmed that loss of Arctic sea ice is opening up the waterway connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
BP and Rosneft, meanwhile, would be able to proceed with a multibillion-dollar plan to explore for oil in the Arctic Sea north of Russia, a deal that BP s existing Russian partners in the TNK venture had opposed.
Dmitri Savins, who is accused of having hijacked the Arctic Sea last summer, has accused the former Estonian intelligence coordinator Erik Niiles Kroos of having ordered the crime, reports EPL Online.
The Arctic Sea freighter was found about 300 miles off the Cape Verde islands, off the west coast of Africa and the ship's 15-man Russian crew was taken aboard a naval vessel.
The Arctic Sea and its crew mysteriously disappeared off the coast of France more than two weeks ago amid reports that pirates had boarded the vessel which was carrying timber worth $1.
The Arctic Sea and its crew of 15 Russians has not been heard of since July 30 - two days after it passed Dover making brief radio contact with UK coastguards.
The 4000-ton freighter Arctic Sea, carrying a load of timber and a 15-strong crew, was said by French authorities to be 400 miles from the Cape Verde islands.
THE thickness of Arctic sea ice "plummeted" last winter, thinning by as much as one-fifth in some regions, satellite data has revealed.
The Arctic is that region roughly within the Arctic Circle, which admittedly includes the Arctic Sea.
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