Carduelis hornemanni

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small siskin-like finch with a red crown

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Habitat preferences and breeding biology of Common Redpoll [Carduelis flammea] and Arctic Redpoll [C.
Biology and interrelationships of the common and Arctic redpolls [Acanthis flammea and A.
These include lesser and mealy redpolls, and four Arctic redpolls, which are a rarity.
Arctic Redpolls are usually found breeding in countries such as Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia.
Careful scrutiny of this flock produced another hidden treasure, an Arctic redpoll among the mealys.
AT RISK Robins are one of the birds likely to be hit by severe winters CHALLENGING The scale of this winter's snowfall is illustrated by this picture of the Orchard House at Cragside, near Rothbury SURPRISING Arctic redpolls pictured by Mark Newsome, above, and below, by Ray Scott
THREE Arctic Redpolls - rare visitors from Scandinavia - are spending the winter at the Titchwell Marsh nature reserve in Norfolk.
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