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In a nuclear accident, more radioactive material would be contained in the Arctic Ocean for much longer.
Greenpeace Arctic campaigner Mary Sweeters, said, "The Stop Arctic Ocean Drilling Act couldn t come at a more important time.
Environmental groups bitterly oppose Arctic Ocean drilling and contend oil companies cannot clean potential spills.
Under international law, none of the five surrounding Arctic countries can really claim ownership of the North Pole or the region of the Arctic Ocean surrounding it, by virtue of the 200-nautical mile (370 km; 230 mi) exclusive economic zone around their coasts.
DANGER JBoat makes way through frreezing Arctic Ocean HANG ON J Paul Gleeson
Additionally, not only does the Arctic Ocean contain no more than 2% of the world's ice - while the Antarctic contains about 90% - if all the ice in the world's oceans melted it wouldn't lead to a rise in sea levels as Mr Dorril claims.
The Arctic Ocean must have been flushed at approximately the same rate it is today regardless of how different things were at the surface," said study co-author Jerry McManus, a geochemist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.
The science community currently does not have sufficient bio logical information to understand the presence, abundance, structure, movements, and health of fish stocks and the role they play in the broader ecosystem of the central Arctic Ocean," states the letter, released by the Pew Environment Group on April 22, 2012.
Four Americans Set Out to Row Across the Arctic Ocean to Increase Awareness of Climate Change
The latest information I have is that over the last 30 years the Arctic Ocean has lost 75% of its summer sea ice and, in 2011, experienced the second lowest level of sea ice ever recorded.
Technically, Deadhorse is an unincorporated community in Alaska's North Slope Borough near the Arctic Ocean.
The third project focuses on the Arctic, and in particular the impact of changes in Arctic Ocean sea ice cover on heat exchange between the Arctic Ocean and the atmosphere.
richest and most vulnerable places in the Arctic Ocean that should be
Summary: A grandmother taken ill on a cruise ship has fallen into the Arctic Ocean whilst being transferred to a rescue boat.
An international summit has began in Moscow, the Russian capital, to consider rival claims to mineral rights in the Arctic ocean.
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