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a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean

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Pedaling his way from Helsinki to the Barents Sea to Lapland to his final destination of Arctic Norway, Goldstein endures bad luck, wrong turns that take him miles and miles out of his way, and a spate of Mother Natureas mercurial moods.
The 28-year-old originally from Clarbeston Road in Pembrokeshire, has given up her job as education manager for entrepreneurial organisation Enterprise UK, has climbed Everest, trekked to the magnetic North Pole and through Arctic Norway.
He travels to the Alps, then joins glacier expert MiriamJackson on a visit to a unique lab in Arctic Norway, which is situated inside an enormous glacier.
The new killer whale results are based on blubber samples taken from Orcas in Tysfjord, a fjord in Arctic Norway.
Travel from Bergen to Tromso, the capital of Arctic Norway and hope to be lucky enough to see the lights on this coastal voyage.
Coaching holidays are undergoing something of a renaissance thanks to the on-going evolution which has seen evermore luxurious coaches introduced and destinations from Arctic Norway to Zanzibar added.
After climbing Kilimanjaro and river-boating in Arctic Norway, my Helium has become my `go anywhere, do anything' coat.
A LOONY went joyriding round a town in Arctic Norway .
Moving to Arctic Norway, Viken focuses on the potential impact that tourism and festivals may have on the identity of Sami peoples.
The bedrock of Arctic Norway was formed 450 million years ago, and the landscape remains largely untouched by humans.
ANYONE tuning into television reality show 71 Degrees North might be forgiven for thinking Arctic Norway is the last place you would pick for a holiday.
Sarah and Jim now plan to buy a house in arctic Norway.
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