Arctic Archipelago

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all the islands that lie to the north of mainland Canada and the Arctic Circle

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Stockholm [Sweden], Oct 27 ( ANI ): A Russian helicopter, carrying eight people, crashed off the coast of Arctic archipelago, Svalbard, 800 kilometers north of Norway's mainland.
c) By the Territorial Sea Geographic Coordinates (Area 7) Order of 10 September 1985, Canada established a straight baselines system of 139 segments, which follow almost completely the Canadian Arctic archipelago from the boundary with the United States (Alaska) in the Beaufort Sea to the entrance of the Hudson Strait (between Labrador and Baffin Island) in the Labrador Sea.
Svarlbard, an Arctic archipelago administered by Norway, has some
With over 160,000 km of coastline, Canada's Arctic Archipelago is most assuredly a maritime domain, and as such, will be an essential responsibility of the RCN throughout the next century.
This year's winners honored Thursday at Harvard University by the Annals of Improbable Research magazine included a team of researchers who wondered if owning a cat was bad for your mental health; Japanese scientists who tested whether banana peels are really as slippery as cartoons would have us believe; and Norwegian biologists who tested whether reindeer on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard were frightened by humans dressed to resemble polar bears.
The glaciers of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago could lose as much as one-fifth of their volume if warming projections hold true over the next century.
However, the legal status of the Northwest Passage, in particular the portion of the Northwest Passage which cuts through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, remains indeterminate and is a source of contention between the United States and Canada.
One project is to create a sustainable 500,000 sq mile expanse in the Last Ice Area - in the Arctic archipelago of Greenland and Canada - where polar bears and other wildlife can thrive.
During the 2011 field season, a number of bloodsucking species of black flies were discovered for the first time on the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, suggesting that they immigrated recently from the mainland.
In the 25 years since the announcement Canada has continued to consider the waters of the Arctic Archipelago its sovereign territory.
The opening of a channel of water during the summer months through Canada's 36,000-island arctic archipelago would cut shipping routes between Europe and Asia by 3,000-4,000 miles, saving time and fuel costs.
Using previously unavailable archival sources, the authors reveal how explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson influenced Canada's policy toward the Arctic, including how, in order to advance his own ambitions, he helped create a fraudulent story about Danish plans to invade the Arctic Archipelago and populate it with Greenlanders.
He rightly describes Bernier, a French Canadian born in 1852, as sailing "to confirm Canadian sovereignty over the Arctic archipelago at a time when the nationals of other powers were increasingly active in the region.
During a trip to a Norwegian-controlled Arctic archipelago, Ban Ki-moon calls for urgent action on climate change.