Frigid Zone

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the part of the Earth's surface forming a cap over a pole

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While direct military conflict may be unlikely in the Arctic, the uncertainty about the direction in which developments in the region will unfold and, as a result, the uncertainty about the precise nature of the challenges and threats deriving from those developments, justify the increased attention of the international community toward the Arctic.
When this is combined with the large amount of money and resources at stake in the Arctic, the case for cooperative and transparent discussions of security and military issues becomes even more compelling.
As the world increasingly turns its attention toward the Arctic, the United States must continue to exert strong leadership at the top of the globe, and that requires a US Arctic Ambassador.
These include the economic and technological viability of transport through the Arctic, the impact on the environment and indigenous communities, and political and territorial disputes with Arctic states.
The policy declares that the "United States is an Arctic nation, with varied and compelling interests in that region." (36) The directive takes into account altered policies on homeland security and defense, the effects of climate change and increasing human activity in the Arctic, the work of the Arctic Council, and the increasing awareness that the Arctic region is fragile yet rich in resources.
In the Bering Strait area of the Arctic, the sea usually freezes in mid-November and begins breaking up in late Mayo In some parts of the Arctic, however, the ice is melting earlier in the year than it once did.
Across the Arctic, the tall shrubs could eventually replace grasses over about 4 million square kilometers.
Emerging from the work of hundreds of scientists and incorporating indigenous knowledge about conditions in the Arctic, the ACIA paints a sobering picture of the effect of present and expected global warming on Arctic peoples and ecosystems.
The plan is to collect data that can help scientists understand the geology of the Arctic, the effects of pollution on Arctic ecosystems, and the ways the Arctic affects the rest of the world.
In the decades preceding the publication of Frankenstein, numerous expeditions had set out to discover the North Pole or the fabled routes connecting the Atlantic and Pacific through the Arctic, the Northeast and Northwest Passages.
The game's conclusions : the Navy is not adequately prepared to conduct long-term maritime Arctic operations; Arctic weather conditions increase the risk of failure; and most critically, to operate in the Arctic, the Navy will need to lean on the U.S.