Frigid Zone

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the part of the Earth's surface forming a cap over a pole

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As applied to the Arctic, the goals that this Note proposes are: economic development, environmental stewardship, political stability, and social cohesion.
36) The directive takes into account altered policies on homeland security and defense, the effects of climate change and increasing human activity in the Arctic, the work of the Arctic Council, and the increasing awareness that the Arctic region is fragile yet rich in resources.
Across the Arctic, the tall shrubs could eventually replace grasses over about 4 million square kilometers.
Emerging from the work of hundreds of scientists and incorporating indigenous knowledge about conditions in the Arctic, the ACIA paints a sobering picture of the effect of present and expected global warming on Arctic peoples and ecosystems.
The plan is to collect data that can help scientists understand the geology of the Arctic, the effects of pollution on Arctic ecosystems, and the ways the Arctic affects the rest of the world.
Despite the uncertainty about how much oil and natural gas there really is in the Arctic, the A5 follow a "just in case" policy to protect their access to any potential resources.
As they moved through the Arctic, the Russian teams launched balloons carrying meteorological instruments.