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a unit of angular distance equal to a 60th of a degree

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The observation accuracies were found to be 11 to 17 arcseconds in right ascension and 1.
In combination with the 640 x 480 Aptina MT9V011 image sensor [37], this gives a resolution of 262 arcseconds per pixel and a field of view of 46 x 35 degrees.
5 arcseconds by the end of the period, at which time it will be rising some 45 minutes before midnight.
04 arcseconds is achieved - sufficient to see a golf ball being held 150 km (100 miles) away.
One way to distinguish an asteroid from a star is by its motion, typically 30 arcseconds per hour relative to the background stars.
75[degrees] with a resolution of 5 arcseconds per pixel.
The typical spatial resolution of those observations is 15 arcseconds or larger (1 arcsecond corresponds to 1/3600 of 1 degree), however, ALMA achieved a high resolution of 3.
1 arcseconds (1/36,000 of a degree) in angle compared to the official reference value.
One arcminute is divided into 60 arcseconds (60"), which is about the resolution of the human eye.
5 arcseconds, improving slowly but surely for imagers and observers.
02 arcseconds across-the equivalent of a dime viewed from more than a hundred miles away.
The nebula is about 250 arcseconds in diameter and surrounds the magnitude 8.
If the bullet model is correct and the shaft isn't simply an artifact of the image, then future Hubble photographs taken a year apart should show the material moving 2 to 3 arcseconds, about 0.
Measured in degrees ([degrees]), arcminutes O and arcseconds (").
The feature is approximately 25,000km across which equates to an angular diameter of just under 4 arcseconds when the planet was at opposition on April 28.