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Anadara tuberculosa belongs to the Mollusca phylum, Bivalvia class, Arcoida order and Arcidae family.
Number of species of bivalves distributed in each family reveals that 12 species belongs to family Veneridae, 5 species to Arcidae, 3 species to Ostreidae and 2 species to Pectinidae.
RHIZORIDAE Volvulella cylindrica SCAPHANDRIDAE Scaphander cylindrellus TROCHIDAE Solariella nuda Solariella peramabilis Agathistoma corteziana Agathistoma eiseni TURBINIDAE Panocochlea rubidum Pomaulax gibberosus TURRITELLIDAE Turritella nodulosa VERMETIDAE Serpulorbis squamigerusus MOLLUSCA, BIVALVIA ARCIDAE Anadara grandis CARDIIDAE Cardium rastrum Cardium sp.
Arca zebra, es un bivalvo perteneciente a la familia Arcidae, habita fondos arenosos de grava, formando grupos adheridos por el biso.
That is, they are much more tolerant of long temporal extremes and wide fluctuations in salinity and temperature than Arcidae mudflat bivalves such as Anadara, which are stenohaline (Healy and Wells 1998; Peterson and Wells 1998; Richard Willan pers.
Conversely, MB presence is correlated with maintenance of marked erythrocyte flatness, as in the Arcidae (Cohen and Nemhauser, 1985).
Ark shell Scapharca broughtonii belongs to the family Arcidae inhabiting the muddy sediments of shallow coastal waters.
The "pata de mula" or pustulose ark Anadara tuberculosa (GB Sowerby I, 1833), belonging to the Arcidae family, is a mollusk living among mangrove roots, a stressful environment.
Distinctly different growth rates have been recorded for other representatives of the Arcidae.
Prunum marginatum Cystiscidae Persicula interruptolineata Bullidae Bulla striata Bivalvia Arcidae Anadara brasilensis Arca imbricata Barbatia cancellaria Barbatia dominguensis Chamidae Chama florida Chama macerophylla Chama sinuosa Lucinidae Codakia orbicularis Mytilidae Lithophaga aristata Modiolus americanus Modiolus squamosus Ostreidae Ostrea equestris Anomiidae Pododesmus rudis Pectinidae Aequipecten lineolaris Argopecten nucleus Chlamys sp.
Of the 37 species of nonswimming bivalves observed to have shells with radial riblets, none added rib-lets except 12 species of ribbed mussels and 7 species of Arcidae, Glycymerididae, and Psammobiidae.
The eared ark Anadara notabilis (Roding, 1798) is a bivalve of the Arcidae family inhabiting the occidental Atlantic Ocean, from North Carolina and the Bermudas to northern Uruguay (Lodeiros et al.
At the global level, increased harvesting and demand for various Arcidae species has been identified (FAO 2004a, b).
Mytilidae and Pteriidae have a wide and strong association with some corals (as Stylophora pistillata; Porites solida; Pocillopora verrucosa; Favites abdita; Favites fluxuosa; anal Goniastrea pictinata; Acropora pharonis; Montipora venosa; Acropora humilis, Anacropora spinosa and Montipora spongiosa), whereas Pectinidae, Arcidae, and Tridacnidae have a low coral association.
Although the inner epidermis of the mantle of Scapharca broughtonii of Arcidae is composed of columnar cells, cells that compose the outer epidermis are squamous or cuboidal cells (Lee 2002).