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Synonyms for archenemy

one who is hostile to or opposes the purposes or interests of another

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A new archvillain, Bane, is another disfigured harbinger of misrule, a ruthless mercenary commander with a Darth Vader-like mask and enigmatic past.
It was, for John Terry and Ross Turnbull, as well as Anfield's archvillain Fernando Torres, a night to forget.
He was a military leader and a diplomat, thought of as a hero, or as an archvillain, in the great religious conflict of his time.
She needs to demonstrate that Pinochet's interest in market reforms was typical of authoritarian regimes--otherwise, her archvillain Friedman might have been right when he said that the surprising thing in Chile was not that the market worked but that the generals allowed it to work.
The countries are China and Vietnam, which the United States recognized in 1979 and 1995, respectively, and Cuba, still an archvillain in Washington's eyes.
Alexander the Great is incorrectly said to have founded a dynasty; the Tahirids are erroneously placed in Sistan with their enemy Yaq'ub [sic] Saffar identified as their leader; the Assassins take their name from assassination instead of the other way around; and the caliph Yazid, the archvillain of Shi'ite martyrology, is identified as a mere governor.
We don't want her to be some sort of archvillain, but she doesn't allow people to mess up her plans.
For six films and three decades the Empire has been the archvillain of George Lucas' sci-fi epic.
Even Street Fighter, whose no-nonsense efficiency in setting up and knocking down its archvillain is markedly at odds with the in-jokes common to videogame films, takes time after the main event for climactic references to Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) in its dead villain's alarming return to life, looking more than ever like Christopher Lloyd's glazed Judge Doom, and Terminator 2 ("Lieutenant, take a note.
Part of Bottegoni's challenge is to ensure that the archvillain in Spider-Man 2--Dr.
Initially, Huxley believed his archvillain in Brave New World could be a caricature of either Sir Alfred Mond or Henry Ford, hence the choice of the former's surname for the World Controller's.
And at fault was that archvillain, careless curator, and all-round bad guy, that far-from-great-Dane, Peter Martins.
In the end the White Knight and the White Duke ([Prince] Charles and [The Duke of] Buckingham, respectively) give checkmate to the Black King (Philip IV) by capturing the Black Knight ([Count] Gondomar, the long-time Spanish ambassador to James' court, and the archvillain of the play) and dumping him and his colleagues unceremoniously "into the bag", or pit.
Blue Cross has singularly become the archvillain of health care providers in the state of California,'' Lott said.