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Synonyms for archenemy

one who is hostile to or opposes the purposes or interests of another

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I speak of Plankton, the articulate archvillain of the SpongeBob show, who devotes his energies to stealing the secret formula of the Krabby Patty, that delicious sandwich that SpongeBob prepares a thousand times a day at The Krusty Krab.
ZOO DUO:; Gromit is the hero, Wallace the sidekick as they take on archvillain Feathers
Part of Bottegoni's challenge is to ensure that the archvillain in Spider-Man 2--Dr.
And at fault was that archvillain, careless curator, and all-round bad guy, that far-from-great-Dane, Peter Martins.
Blue Cross has singularly become the archvillain of health care providers in the state of California,'' Lott said.
The same situation is evident in "Manhunter" (1986), a prequel to the far more ballyhooed, "The Silence of the Lambs," in its introduction of Thomas Harris' archvillain, serial killer Hannibal Lecter.
Victoria recorded these remarks in the publication year of Oliver Twist, a novel in which the mysterious, unredeemable figure of Fagin - the archvillain Dickens repeatedly identifies simply as "the Jew" - stands for everything the hero and his proper social milieu are not and must not become.
The settings range from religious processions to carnivalesque masquerades, from secret passages in the walls of palatial mansions to a hidden room equipped with sadistic implements by Marquise Rosaspina (the archvillain of the story), from enchanted and dangerous gardens to picturesque taverns.
At 148 minutes, the film overstays its welcome and a number of key scenes over-run, particularly the introduction of Waltz's shadowy archvillain.
Rowling wrote on Twitter that Voldemort, the archvillain of her popular Harry Potter series, "was nowhere near as bad" as Trump.
At 148 minutes, the film overstays its welcome and a number of key scenes overrun, particularly the introduction of Waltz's shadowy archvillain.
Even Lichtenstein Ripped Him Off: One of the best-known paintings by the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein is "Image Duplicator'' (circa 1963), a reworking of a Kirby drawing (uncredited) of the X-Men archvillain Magneto.
The archvillain from the James Bond films -- who's often seen stroking a white cat -- might be making a return to the big screen following a settlement announced Friday between studio MGM, production company Danjaq and the estate of Kevin McClory.
Renegade cop Elijah Kane (Steven Seagal) edges closer to unmasking archvillain The Ghost in two more episodes of the US TV drama True Justice, which are repackaged as a single feature length instalment for British viewers.
Armstrong's not the first boss to terminate an employee while in the midst of a childlike snit, but his actions went viral and he became an archvillain.