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a senior clergyman and dignitary

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Through the voice of the archpriests and the higher clergy, the Orthodox priests expressed their belief that the introduction of civil marriage would alter the very sacrament of holy matrimony and, through it, the morality of the faithful.
The circular of 9 July 1848 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce in Pest, sent to the bishops, was translated into Romanian and then converted into a circular that the Bishops of Blaj and Sibiu dispatched to the archpriests and the clergy.
Thus, on 24 March 1815, Nicolae Stoica, the Archpriest of Mehadia, forwarded to the parishioners the exhortations of Pavel Avacumovici, the Orthodox Bishop of Arad, who aimed to motivate the inhabitants to cultivate potatoes, demanding the priests themselves to serve as models in this regard: "since the vast majority of the Romanians have lacked, of late, wheat and maize, they are bound to endure great famine .
Nevertheless, it soon becomes clear that the Disputacion directly echoes the Archpriests instructions to look under his tabard and beyond "el son feo de las palabras" (the foul sound of the words).
Just as the dual meanings of translatio as linguistic transfer and as the reworking of received knowledge overlapped in ancient and medieval grammar and rhetoric, (22) instrumental translation and the transfer of knowledge are intertwined in the Archpriests story parodying the poetic art of clerisy and, I would argue, in the mester de clerecia more generally.
The exemplum is one of the Archpriests own many and deft domesticating translations, one that tells a story of how translation can fail spectacularly while still appearing faithful and thus achieve the translatio studii upon which the authority of Christian Latinity is based.
Accompanying this shift has been another new tendency: whereas in the 1990s research on the Soviet period was clearly divided into confessional histories--indeed, volumes on this topic were issued not only by Archpriest Vladislav Tsypin, the official historian of the ROC, but also by certain Protestant sects--and lay histories (although personal religious convictions were often responsible for the historian's interest in the topic), in the 2000s a growing number of works are intended for a broad lay audience while retaining a confessional perspective.
1) Archpriest Vladislav Tsypin, Istoriia Russkoi tserkvi, 1917-1997 (Moscow: Izdatel'stvo Sviato-Preobrazhenskogo Valaamskogo monastyria, 1997).
From these exclusive ranks are drawn the archpriests, bishops, metropolitans and patriarchs of the future.
This combination brings to mind sequences in films made collaboratively by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali: the scene in Un perro andaluz (first shown in June 1929) when 'dos hermanos de las Escuelas Cristianas' haul two grand pianos 'atestados de carronas de burros cuyas patas, colas, grupas y excrementos desbordan de la caja de armonia'; (26) and again, in La edad de oro (shown in November 1930), where archpriests, 'o mas bien sus restos', appear on a beach in full but decayed regalia: 'El esqueleto de uno de ellos, con su vestimenta muy vieja y en desorden, se mantiene aun sentado sobre una roca .
Prior to this meeting, all archpriests around the country, on behalf of all priests and parishioners, sent telegrams to the St.
As it was known at the time, the patriarch himself, as well as the majority of the synod members preferred PS Galaction, for his qualities as a theologian, as an archpriest, but also as a person.
His designation as the celebrant of the fourth day of John Paul II's official mourning is a privilege traditionally given to archpriests who head Rome's major basilicas.
Lazarillo's Wife, a former servant of the archpriest.
The archpriest of Salvador, seeing how affluent Lazarillo had become, gave him a wife from his own household.