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a senior clergyman and dignitary

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He also comes to the attention of the Archpriest of San Salvador, who arranges a marriage between Lazaro and a woman in his service.
As it was known at the time, the patriarch himself, as well as the majority of the synod members preferred PS Galaction, for his qualities as a theologian, as an archpriest, but also as a person.
Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church in Bishkek, the secretary of the Central Asian eparchy of Kyrgyzstan Igor Dronov said teachings of this sect are dangerous both for the spiritual health of the people and public's consciousness, because the more people become inadequate in the perception of the environment, the more it effects society as a whole.
1140); the ludic, cultivated ambivalence of the Archpriest of Hita's Libro de buen amor (fourteenth century); and a key work by one of the latter's contemporaries, Shem Tov of Carrion, known for his controversial writings in both Castilian and Hebrew, which many contemporaries--both Jewish and Christian--found disturbing for their grafting of disparate traditions and ideas: the Battle Between the Pen and the Scissors, a "maqama\ or 'Hebrew debate poem', which incorporates 'metaphors for writing and interpretation .
Arguably, the earliest autobiography of a popovich was written not in 1802 (9) but in the 1670s by the defrocked Archpriest Avvakum Petrov (1620-1682), a leader of the Old Believer schism, while he was in an underground prison in Pustozersk.
But the dissemination of the Alexander legend in the west came rather through a Latin translation made by the tenth-century Leo the Archpriest, who had been on a diplomatic mission to Constantinople for the Duke of Naples, and brought back a manuscript of the Greek Romance.
More important to English developments, though, was the Archpriest Controversy of 1595.
11) Finally, his brother Damian, the archpriest of Ravenna, took him under his care and saw to it that he was properly cared for and educated.
Del Bene followed Giberti's lead and in 1542 was appointed archpriest of Santo Stefano in Verona.
The Archpriest of Hita and the Imitators of Ovid: A Study in the Ovidian Background of the 'Libro de buen amor'.
He was later called upon to take important posts as archpriest in the Montreal region, ministering at Saint-Charles in Saint-Charles-on-the-Richelieu from 1830 until his imprisonment in 1837 for participation in the local Patriote insurrection against the colonial British government.
In 1909, the women of Sutera could read in detail how Giorgio Calvi shot the archpriest Domenico Oliva five times as he left church after celebrating mass in a small town in Calabria.
Before the beginning of the event, the participants of the event were greeted by the dean of the historical faculty of the PSTU, member of the jury of the Olympiad, archpriest Andrei Posternak.
According to Vatican Insider, there were more than 20 concelebrants present, including Cardinal James Harvey, archpriest of the Basilica of St.
Archpriest Dr Daniel Buda, Faith and Order Commission of WCC, "Lucian Blaga" University, Sibiu, Romania