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largest mollusk known about but never seen (to 60 feet long)

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gt;>En el caso del Architeuthis dux, tenemos a un cefalopodo, un miembro de la familia teuthid, peto esta variedad en particular ha evolucionado hasta convertirse en el invertebrado mas grande del planeta.
We've found pieces of the arms of giant squid, Architeuthis dux, floating where the whales are coming up," Johnson said.
The giant squid, or Architeuthis dux (ar-keh-TOOTH-us duks), owes its nickname to its jumbo size--females can measure 18 meters (60 feet).
The giant squid, Architeuthis dux, is the world's largest invertebrate, living at depths of up to 6,500 feet.
After frightening an entire generation out of the ocean with ``Jaws,'' author and oceanographer Peter Benchley has created a new underwater terror - architeuthis dux or the great squid - the world's largest invertebrate.
Unlike the 9-foot 440-pound giant squid Architeuthis dux that washed onto a Massachusetts beach years earlier, this new squid has hooks instead of cuplike suckers on its arms, says Clyde Roper, a zoologist with the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.