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Aside from traditional Chinese mound burials, the architecture styles of the structures include the traditional Southern Chinese temple, Art Deco, neo-Gothic, Modern and even Chinese Gothic.
They had to go through a literature review about the Saudi culture and the Najdi architecture style," he said.
Designed by Preston Scott Cohen, the 195,000-square-foot concrete-and-glass building combines Mendelsohn and Bauhaus architecture styles, and doubles the size of Israel's largest contemporary art museum.
The OHB also provides awareness to its costumers about the benefits of modern architecture styles, preserving the Omani
OHB provides awareness to its costumers, contractors, engineering consultant offices about the modern architecture styles as OHB is a leading promoter in spreading the modern styles of construction while interpreting the state's policy for preserving the Omani architecture style.
Inspired by traditional architecture styles in north Wales and the arts and crafts movement, he spread his artistic flair on the houses and buildings across Snowdonia.
Designed by UAE-based ARC International, the building is inspired by Arabian architecture styles and will infuse contemporary designs with modern Islamic art.
Designed by UAE-based ARC International, the building was apparently inspired by Arabian architecture styles and will infuse contemporary designs with modern Islamic art.
Numerous color photographs illustrate architecture styles and fire damage.
In spite of its relatively small size, Hudson, NY has been home to a wide range of architecture styles, including "Nantucket-style saltboxes, Federal, Greek Revival, mid-century Victorian, towered and turreted late Victorian, Italianate, stick-style houses of the 1880s, Second Empire, Queen Anne and Colonial Revival homes of the 1890s, Romanesque Academic revival, Arts and Crafts bungalows of the 1920s and 1930s, as well less grand early-twentieth-century "comfortable homes" of shingle, stucco, and brick.
The amalgamation of religious and cultural influences has given the city an extraordinary mixture of architecture styles.
The result was a pattern book with close to 20 different architecture styles and some rigorous requirements.
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